11 September 2013

Tenerife, day 4!

SPA DAY!!! I looked forward to this so much! Especially as this spa that we went to was a water spa, and I'd never been to one before! The water spa we went to has a variety of pools and water treatments, including rapids, bubble treatment, strong showers, a cold pool, jacuzzis, Roman thermal bath (which is like a sauna), bucket shower (yes, you get a bucket of cold water poured over you), aromatherapy shower (which has moisturing oils mixed in with the water), Scottish shower (shoots jets of water at you from different levels), stone walk, sauna, and my favourite, the salt pool! In the latter, you can just float around in the pool; you feel weightless! We also had a much needed massage which never fails to please! 

When I'm not going to be staying in the same thing during the day, I usually wear something that's easy to slip in and out of, like dresses. As you may have seen from previous posts (here), this is one of my go-to summer dresses! I love it! 

Topshop Dress
New Look Sandals
New Look Necklace 

What's your favourite spa treatment? 

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