Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Face of Flix 2013 contest

A little while back, someone suggested I enter a contest at my hairdressers who were looking for a new 'face' to front campaigns etc. I thought it would be a laugh, so I entered, not thinking that I'd come anywhere. Well, I was wrong! I came third!!!!!!!!

The prize included £100 hair service and beauty treatment, some Flix products, and a gorgeous rose. 

I'll be reviewing these in a future post

My beautiful rose!

I just want to say a BIG thank you to Flix for my prize I'm really chuffed with it!

Thought I'd sneak an OOTD in while I was at it :) I haven't worn these shorts in a while, due to our horrible summers of late, and the fact that I've been living in denim shorts for a while. But they've started to grow on me again. They're so comfy, so I can easily wear them around the house, and then go straight out without having to change. I like comfy fashion ;)

H&M Shorts (similar)
*River Island Coverup*
H&M Blue Cowboy Boots (similar)
Thrift Cuff from Poland Market

What's your favourite piece of comfy fashion? 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Recent Haul

So over the past month I've treated myself a little. My mum does the standard "do you really need that" look whenever I've told her I've been shopping. Again. But this time, I really do need the stuff (honest!). So here, my lovelies, is what I've bought over the last month. 

Miss Selfridge Petites Maxi Skirt £18 (in the sale)
I've been looking for a good maxi skirt for a long time, trying on so many different styles from different stores, and never being fully satisfied with any of them. Until I found this beauty. Firstly, I adore lace, so this immediately caught my eye. Secondly, it sat really nicely on my waist, and didn't swamp my bottom half; I still had definition of my figure in it. Also, the fabric isn't too heavy, meaning that this was great for my holiday in Tenerife, as it kept me cool. 

Miss Selfridge Leather Skirt £7 (in the sale)
Again, I had been after a black leather shirt for a while but for some reason even unknown to myself, I kept shying away from them. This changed when I braved a dark green version from H&M, and realised what I had been missing out on! This is a great staple piece that goes with pretty much everything. I also love the quilted material which fits nicely with the texture trend arising for A/W 2013. I'm thinking of including it in with some punk inspired outfits too, with plaid shirts, statement knits and studs. 

Miss Selfridge Denim Shirt £15
This filled the light coloured denim hole in my life that I had. The material on the sleeves is so gorgeous, I was so scared of spoiling it at first! But its very durable, and survived a night out (the ultimate test for clothing!) 

My Bournemouth trinkets

The book behind the hit TV drama. Can't wait to get my teeth into it!

I'm a little disappointed with these bracelets that I bought on Bournemouth Pier, as after taking this photo the blue one has fallen apart and the elephant has come off the black beaded one :( another little repair job to keep me busy with!

Don't you love it when you buy something before it becomes popular? I had this with this bracelet. I saw it on Bournemouth Pier and instantly fell in love with the skulls and colours, as it was so original. The cracked detail on the skulls gives a real edgy warn feel to them, like they've just been dug up out of the ground. And when I came back, these skulls were everywhere! New Look, Chelsea Doll, notonthehighstreet and Nelly to name a few! 

I'm one of those people who loves little trinket boxes, and I fell in love with this Fairtrade one in Corfe. I love the tribal lizard on the top, and I've been having a green moment this summer (which has now spread to 4 bags I have purchased this year). 

H&M Blue Cowboy Boots £7 (in the sale)
Don't you just love a sale? Especially when I got these babies for £7!! I wasn't sure about these when I first saw them, but my friend persuaded me to try them on...and I'm glad I did! These will be great for the coming A/W season, as a fun alternative to heels. I'm thinking of putting these with a wool jumper and lace skirt, to really pile on the texture. 

Urban Outfitters Hollywood Set Wall Art £10
At the moment, I am midway redecorating my room. I'm having white walls with a few monochrome details, so its a great blank canvas that I can decorate! I actually hadn't thought about posters, as I wanted something a bit more permanent, but my mum suggested that I consider buying some good quality posters and framing them! I had this piece of advice in my mind when I saw these in Urban Outfitters, and seeing as I'm a bit of an old movie buff, I thought this would be an amazing thing to put in my room! You get 8 posters of amazing classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Singing In The Rain, The Birds and Some Like It Hot. I recommend this if you're looking for kooky accessories to fill walls with. 

Primark Elbow Patch Stripe Cardigan £5
This was a little mission of mine: for my Tenerife holiday I really needed some light cardigans that I could wear if I got a bit cold (not very likely in Tenerife, but just a precaution). For cheap, lightwear pieces, Primark and H&M do great ones, like this striped one from Primark. 

I love the heritage/Breton mash up of this one. This looks great with a simple jeans and white t-shirt combo. 

Primark Cocoon Cardigan £8
This is a gorgeous light summery cardigan. With the sleeves tight up until just before the elbow, this still holds shape without completely swallowing your shape. I love the blue marbled effect on it too, and I'll be teaming it with lace and white dresses for a floaty, hippy style. 

Primark Bangles £2
I do have a thing for Primark jewellery. I usually manage to find really nice looking pieces that end up lasting me forever! I was pleased with these at first, as the 'endless' style of the bangles really appealed to me. I do wish the metal was a little more flexible though, as I considered using these as arm cuffs (as seen on the Issa S/S 2013 runways), but the metal was too stiff to shape them. So I'm having to settle for normal bangles. 

Topshop Tall High Neck Animal Jaquard Top £16

Even though this is in the Tall range at Topshop, it still looks great on 5'5" people like myself ;) its a really versatile shape that reminds me of the high necks of the 1960's. I've been teaming it with denim and leather so far, and you'll all definitely be seeing this a lot in future posts, as it's turned into a firm favourite of mine!

Topshop High Waisted Denim Look Skater Skirt £20
And finally, another fashion staple I've added to my wardrobe. I love the colour and I think its such a great spin on the traditional skater skirt. I know I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it for the rest of this summer through to autumn. 

What do you think of my latest investments? Is there anything you've recently bought that you've fallen in love with? 

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Liebster Award

Hello! I'm back from Tenerife! I had the most amazing time, and will be doing a post on it soon before summer's out. But this post is about a lovely little surprise I came back to on Friday. I have been nominated by the amazing Lauren from Lauren Evie for the Liebster Award! Its my first nomination and I'm so thrilled and thankful for it! If you haven't heard of it, please have a peak below:

Eleven random facts about me

1. I'm an aspiring actress, and I've done various projects in short film, feature film, TV, adverts and on the stage.  

2. I'm obsessed with CSI, NCIS, Law and Order and The Mentalist. This is partly my mum's fault, as she loves it too!

3. I used to be allergic to peanuts, but I was luckily enough to grow out of the allergy when I was 5. 

4. I have a lot of clothes. And I mean a lot. My clothes are currently filling 8 drawers and 2 bulging wardrobes with several hangers on the doors.

5. I'm a book worm. I'm currently working my way through Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

6. I love travelling. When I go on holiday, I try and discover little gems that not many people know about. 

7. I love the colour blue.

8. I have freak moments of OCD-like behaviour, and I get really into it! Stand in the way of me putting my enormous collection of books into alphabetical author order, or colour-coding my nail varnishes and there will be consequences. 

9. I used to have hair down to my knees. When I was younger I hated having it cut, and as I never got split ends, we just let it grow! 

10. I'm a musical nerd and proud! I'm routing for a musical radio station to be created!

11. I wear glasses! I usually hate having my photo taken with them on, but one day they'll make an appearance on here for all of your benefits ;)

Eleven questions from Lauren:

1. What was it that made you start blogging?
Company Magazine, as they made it look so much fun (which it is). Also bloggers such as Bip Ling, MediaMarmalade and Ophelia Horton really inspired me.

2. What one beauty product can't you live without?
That is definitely a tricky one! I would probably say my Rimmel London ScandelEyes Mascara or my Aveeno Cream, which I have been using since I was a little kid for my eczema. It's so moisturising!

3. What is your most loved fashion trend at the moment?
I'm loving the 1990's revival at the moment, especially dungarees. I'm also looking forward to trying a bit of the punk trend that's arising. 

4. If you could only shop in one high street store for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Miss Selfridge! Although my tight budget means I can't buy everything in there, every time I walk in I just fall in love with every single piece!

5. Who is your favourite blogger / youtuber and why?
MediaMarmalade. I just think she looks incredible in everything she wears, without being a fashion slave. I seriously recommend!

6. Do you feel comfortable leaving your house without makeup on?
Sometimes. When I was younger, I wouldn't dream about leaving the house without at least eyeliner, but now I'm more relaxed. If I'm just out to post a letter or see family then I go completely free, but apart from that, mascara is my minimum. 

7. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
America! I've always dreamed of going, but flights are unfortunately so expensive. 

8. Describe yourself in three words.
Friendly, crazy, smiley. 

9. What is your evening skincare routine?
Take make up off, cleanse, tone, mouisturise. 

10. What made you choose your blog name?
I'm actually not too sure, a lot of names went through my head when thinking about it, but when I was actually creating it, Away With The Fairies just popped into my head and stuck there! I adored fairies when I was a kid, and loved the idea of going to the bottom of my garden and spending the day with them. 

11. What was the most recent fashion purchase you made, and what made you buy it?
When I was in Tenerife, I bought this gorgeous beaded top with Aztec inspired shapes on it. It was ridiculously cheap (£3.50 in Sterling) and was nothing like I have in my wardrobe. 

My eleven questions:

1. You're unleashed into your favourite shopping centre with unlimited money: what's the first shop you hit?

2. If you could be another nationality, where would you be from?

3. What's the best holiday you've ever been on?

4. What is your favourite music genre?

5. Favourite colour?

 6. What beauty product would you cry about if they stopped making it?

7. What are the first three things that you pull out of your make up bag?

8. What do you love about fashion?

9. If you could pick six women to hang out with for the day, who would they be?

10. Who's your fashion idol?

11. What's your most prized possession?

My nominations:

Aishling- Le Stage
Amy & Naomi- Two Shoes, One Pair
Lisa & Leah- LW
Holly- I Blog The Fashion
Ulrikke- Ulrikke Eleonora
Alexandra- Styled by Alexandra
Emily- Vintage Soul

Thanks again to Lauren for my nomination, I'm so chuffed with it!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Girly holiday in Bournemouth (last day), and holiday news

And so came around our last day of our holiday *sob*. It went by so quickly, so clearly we had been enjoying ourselves a lot! We decided to stay in Bournemouth for this day, exploring the town and beach one last time. We did a little bit of retail therapy, especially in Miss Selfridge! I'll be showing what I bought there in my next post, which I think will have to be after I come back from holiday next week. This is my other piece of news, as I will be living it up in Tenerife for a week! I'm super excited, even if it is my second holiday of the year. I'll be taking plenty of photos and will be sharing my adventures with you all when I get back on 16th :) but anyway, onto outfits!

Emma going cute casual in her logo sweatshirt and denim shorts. 

*Vintage white collarless shirt*
Topshop Union Jack Shorts

This outfit was my nod to the all white trend, which is great if you have a tan as it really shows it off. The shirt was one of my grandmothers, and is a great versatile piece for summer. I'm taking it with me to Tenerife, so I'm getting lots of wear out of it, which is a big factor with me when buying clothes. 

*Accessories Heart Necklace*
Sharks Tooth Necklace

What I love about holidays is picking up little trinkets throughout your time away that really mean something to you. One such example is my shark tooth necklace that I bought in Corfe. Katie and I found the tooth charms in a little gem shop in the town, and commented that it would be great if we found a shark tooth necklace. The store owner then pointed out the black necklace chain things and suggested we make our own, which we did! I love it as its a real personal piece of jewelry, and now when I wear it I think back to this holiday! 

I also picked up an abundance of bracelets and rings on this holiday, including the turquoise peace bracelet, the black elephant bracelet, the skull bracelet, the owl ring, and the aztec black and blue ring

Would you visit Bournemouth if you went on holiday? And have you picked up any trinkets on holiday that you love? 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Girly holiday in Bournemouth, day 3!

On our third day of our girl adventure holiday we again ventured out of Bournemouth to Swanage and Corfe Castle. Now, for any of you who have never been to Swanage or Corfe, please excuse how excited I am about to get, as they are among some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Seriously, I want to live there! They are hybrids of little old-fashioned model towns and Midsummer Murders villages. I cannot recommend it enough, especially if you are after some serious Britishness! Think convenience stores selling homemade preserves, people walking their goats down the high street and their normal train being an old fashioned steam train! 
The colours were also what amazed me- I expected to see this kind of blue sea in the Mediterranean, not Swanage!  
With the girlies 
We took the steam train to Corfe Castle where we had traditional afternoon tea in a little tea rooms in the town. 

That scone was almost as big as me! ;)
All of the calories from this gave us the energy to explore Corfe Castle itself; let's just say we all felt like princesses, especially Emma! It was a dream come true for her! We also ended up going crazy dressing up in traditional costume, much to the amusement of the other visitors ;)

Here are our outfits!

Converse Double Tongue Sneakers

Zoe sports a cute small print dress and adds a casual twist with her trusty Converse sneakers. She uses her denim shirt as an alternative coverup to keep out the breezy winds. 

Emma goes all princessy with a gorgeous floral strapless dress layering with a vest underneath to add interest. I also did her halo braid, which I will be doing a tutorial post on soon. 

Katie goes for a practical light playsuit, kept casual with her Converses and accessories. Plus I love her Ray Bans...I think that'll be the next thing I save up for!

*My mum's top*
Topshop Orange Shorts
*H&M Cardigan*

Seeing as we were travelling on a boat that day, I decided to go a bit nautical with my clothes with a Breton top. I added some colour with my orange high waisted shorts. Usually I'm not keen on horizontal stripes on my top half as they make me look quite big, due to me being short and curvy, but as this top is slightly baggy, I can get away with wearing it! Also, the wide neckline takes attention away from any bits that don't look right. 

Later in the evening, we decided to get dressed up to go out for our final dinner of the holiday at Prezzo. Here's what we wore (sorry for the indoor shots, it was raining outside)!

I love this waterfall dress, its such a simple colour but it can be dressed up with heels etc. It reminds of traditional Grecian dresses, especially once I added the woven belt. I also added gold accessories to really bring out my tan that I had eagerly required over the holiday ;)

New Look Waterfall Dress
New Look Strappy Heels
Vintage Handbag
*River Island Coverup*

Emma goes prim in navy blue and monochrome, while adding a a flash of bright colour with her nails and lippie.

Zoë glams up her playsuit with cream heels, and defines her waist with a cream belt to add some definition. This is a great evening look that can convert a daytime piece to an evening piece!

Katie lets her beautiful embroidered top do the talking by teaming it with skinny jeans and a black vest. Love her hair too!

My gorgeous BFF's!

What do you think of Swanage and Corfe Castle? Where's the most beautiful place you've been on holiday?
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