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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Trying Coffee Scrubs

Trying Coffee Scrubs

Here's to me covering my face in coffee

The whole coffee scrub craze has been around for a while already if you hadn't noticed. Yes, us beauty obsessed lot will try anything all for the sake of better skin, including putting something that normally gives us a kick up the butt in the morning on our skin. There is some logic in it- caffeine eye creams have had a firm standing in the beauty industry for many years, so why not go the full hog and put it everywhere?!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Last Taste of Summer with Hotel Chocolat

Last Taste of Summer with Hotel Chocolat

It's time to slip back into those jeans and tights!

I had a bit of a late start to autumn. As you may know, I hopped on a plane to Cyprus for a couple of weeks recently, and while I was away everyone on social media was getting excited about pumpkin spiced lattes and big scarves while I was sitting on the beach in my bikini! But now I'm back I'm slowly weening myself into the autumn mood. 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

How To Pack Like A Pro

How To Pack Like A Pro

I think I've nearly mastered the art of packing.

Let me tell you- this wasn't easy and took a very long while to come around. But I'm pretty confident now, and after going to Cyprus at the beginning of the month, I felt ready for the planning and packing. I'm definitely not perfect at packing, but I've been on a few short and long trips in my time (be it acting work or holidays) that I've found a system that I'm happy with. 
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