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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The Lush Cleansers My Sensitive Skin Loves

Lush Ultrabland & Ultraplant cleansers

AD- all products are PR products that have been sent to me previously with no obligation to post. 

As you can imagine with sensitive skin, finding products that actually work without turning your face to molten lava (in texture, colour, and hot itchiness) isn't a walk in the park. I've been through many a product that has set my face on fire, so when I find something my skin really loves, I stick to it. 

On the run-up to Mother's Day, Lush sent me a box of their limited edition goodies to treat your mum (or yourself), and I fell in love with a cleansing bar called Baby's Bum. I had honestly never come across anything quite like it!

I applied it straight to my face, and the oily consistency melted into my skin beautifully, removing my makeup while giving it the moisture hit it craves. And the joy of all joys, it didn't flare up my skin!

So when I came to write about it and discovered that it was limited edition, and I couldn't allow you guys to get your hands on it too, I popped Lush an email and cried for their help in finding a substitute that would fill Baby's Bum shaped hole in my heart. 

Always as helpful as ever (which you'll know if you've been to their stores, they have such ace customer service), they sent me a list and very kindly sent me a few to try out. 

Monday, 15 June 2020

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Tanning (Tanning Routine)

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Tanning (Tanning Routine)

AD- Contains affiliate links (ad-aff) where I receive a small percentage for any sales through the link, and PR products (*) that have been sent to me previously with no obligation to post.  

I'll be honest: I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to tanning. This has mainly extended out of years of being completely fazed by tanning mousses, with the fear of ending up looking like I'd been rolling in mud rather than having a golden glow. I always saw mousses as unforgiving if you got them wrong, a faff to apply (especially having to wash it off the day after) and inconvenient for the fact that you couldn't get dressed and go straight away. 

Then tanning waters and gradual tans came into my life, and I haven't looked at a mousse bottle since. 

Tanning waters are the ultimate lazy girl tanning product as you can apply without having to wait to get dressed or worry about it transferring onto clothes and bedsheets. You can also correct any mistakes that start to emerge as the tan develops by adding more water as it blends really naturally. 

But there are also some other fantastic products out there that also deserve some recognition, so here's my guide to tanning for lazy girls.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

The baking in my household is well underway during the lockdown, and I've been documenting what I've been baking so that I can share them with you on here! I always find that sweet treats make me feel better (when eaten in moderation obvs) and by baking my own it means I know exactly what's going into them. 

Today I have a chocolate peanut butter cookie recipe for you! I used to be allergic to peanuts, but I'm honestly so happy I grew out of it as I now love snacking on peanuts and peanut butter as long as I don't overload myself. 

Like my chocolate and banana bread recipe, this is nice and easy, but the results are absolutely fantastic!

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