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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Girly holiday in Bournemouth, day 2!

For our second day of adventures we decided to venture out of Bournemouth to Poole. Poole has its fair share of mainstream high street shopping and quaint harbour side shops, which pleased us shopaholics just fine! One shop that we stopped off in was Lush, as its actually based in Poole! As well as the shop, they also have a spa that has a range of various treatments that we would have loved to have tried if we had more time. Instead, we decided to buy some products that we could do on each other back at the hotel (girly sleepover style)!

Let's just say we went pretty insane in here, I felt quite sorry for our friend Kieran who joined us that day. I don't quite think he knew what he was letting himself in for!

We chose the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask, as it looked like the most natural and smelled of almonds and honey (delicious!) I'll be reviewing it in a later post.

My goal for when I'm rich and famous

We stopped off for lunch at this little cafe/bar below the old Custom House there, and had this delicious platter called "From the land" that consisted of Camembert, stuffed peppers, olives, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, salad, bread and various oil dips. It was a lovely light lunch that is great for sharing!

Now onto our outfits!

Topshop Dress
Primark Gladiators

As we were going to be walking around quite a lot that day, I wanted an outfit that we keep me comfortable and cool, while still keeping stylish. The answer to this problem? My backless yellow summer dress! The fabric is so light but not see-through, and has a small amount of structure to the skirt part to help prevent it from flying up and flashing the whole of Poole ;) Also the top neckline reminds of the 1960's style, which I ADORE! The low back gives it just a touch of glamour that can work for day. 
We all decided to buy cheap little rings to remind us of our holiday, isn't it cute?!

Vintage Leather Bag
Converse Double Tongue Sneakers

And here are our dinner outfits...

*H&M Top*
Charity Shop Skirt
Vintage Handbag
Primark Gladiators

This was a great smart casual outfit to wear out to dinner, mixing "slouch", prints, and metallics. 
Emma mixing animal print and a logo sweatshirt for a walk on the beach

What do you guys think of our outfits? And are you in love with Lush as much as we are?

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Girly holiday to Bournemouth, day 1!

I'm sorry that you've had to wait for this next post, things have been so hectic because of my holiday to Bournemouth! I went for four days with my three friends Zoë, Katie and Emma for a girly holiday, for a chance to destress and get away from reality for a while. And I had the best time ever! It was also a chance for us to grow closer as friends, and we certainly did that! I've actually got a sour throat now from all the gossiping, laughing and singing that have taken place over the last four days! These three are also very supportive of this blog, and so to my delight agreed to help and appear in the next couple of posts.

I unfortunately couldn't taken my baby (my Canon 550D) with me, so I had to settle for my Lumix digital camera. Its not too bad as it is 12 megapixels, but I've got so used to the fine quality to my Canon that I did miss it a bit. But never mind! Onwards to the clothes and our antics in Bournemouth!

Topshop Shorts

As soon as we arrived on Monday we headed for the beach as it was literally just down the road! Our hotel was in a great central location, which meant we saved a lot of money on taxi fares! Plus the walking helped us tone up, which was definitely a benefit! The weather was on our side thankfully, so I went for a relaxed yet fun beach look. As you know I love colour, and this new top that I got from a recent H&M haul has its fair share of it! This is a great top if you want to perk up an outfit, and I just love the monkey print on it, with the colours tying in with the neon trend! I put them with my faded orange shorts from last season. I find Topshop denim is always a great fit in me, and this pair were great to put with the top without being overpowering! 

My rucksack was my holiday essentials bag that fills my love for studs! Its not real leather, but is made of a good durable material and fits a lot in it! The studs also kept any sneaky pickpockets away ;) 

Meet Katie!
You've all met Zoë here
Primark Top
Primark Shorts
Converse Double Tongue Sneakers

Meet Emma!
After our trip to the beach we came back, changed and headed to Harry Ramsden's who do some of the best fish and chips I've ever tasted! Emma is from Hollywood, so we wanted to give her the true British experience, and what better way to start it off than with fish and chips by the sea! 

Yummy Knickerbockerglory!
We then went for a stroll on the pier, and up and down the sea front to burn off all the calories we'd put on ;) 

Emma rocking a relaxed lace vest top, jeans, and my key necklace.
*River Island Top*
Vintage Calvin Klein Shorts
*River Island Coverup*
Primark Bag

One of the benefits of the sea is having free salt spray for your hair! So to make the most of this, I plaited my hair loosely during the day, went in the sea, let it dry naturally, so later on when I took it out, I had pre-made beach waves! All I needed to do was run my fingers through to loosen them up a bit, add a spritz of hairspray, and I was ready to go!

Vintage Leather Bag
Converse Double Tongue Sneakers

Katie keeping warm in an Aztec top, jeans and cardigan. 
Who's outfit is your favourite? And what are your holiday essentials?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Recipe: Garlic Bread!

So here's my cooking side coming out! This is a quick and simple recipe for a well loved side dish at the meal table (well, if you like garlic anyway)! This is great for when you want to take something to a BBQ, and can't think of anything original, and, if like me you're using home grown garlic and herbs, it makes you feel a bit proud of yourself! 

This isn't a strict recipe either; its very much guesswork, and what you think tastes best! So you can make this as strong or mild as you want!

So what you'll need to make the garlic butter is:

  • Garlic
  • Butter, and
  • A mixture of herbs

The garlic I used is homegrown and fresh instead of dried, and to get a medium garlicky taste I used two, including the leaves (yes, you can eat them too! Just treat them like chives). 

The herbs are also a selection from the garden, and in this case I used chives, oregano and savory, but you can mix it up with whatever you want! 

If you can't use homegrown stuff, then don't fret! It tastes just as good with shop bought products!

So here's what you've got to do...

- Wash your herbs and garlic, especially if they have come from your garden. Leave them to soak for a couple of minutes before taking them out and patting them dry with a tea towel. 

- Next, peel the garlic and check over the herbs to get rid of any unwanted bits like stalks, dead leaves etc.

- Then, roughly chop the garlic and the herbs, and very finely chop all together with a herb chopper (I don't know its real name, but its a tool with two handles on either side of a curved blade so you can rock it back and forth over the food. You can see part of it in the right hand side of the above photo. If any of you know the real name of it, please comment below!) or a suitable knife. Chopping the herbs and garlic fine is key, as large pieces won't mix with the butter well. 

- Now its time to involve the butter. Again the amount you use depends on how much you want and what flavour you want, so start off with small amount and build it up until you have the result you want. I ended up using about a third of the butter from the container to mix with the above amount of herbs, but of course its up to you! Put the butter in a medium size bowl and then add your herbs and garlic. Then, get mixing until its well stirred in.

This is my end result, with an even mix of butter, herbs and garlic. Now you can essentially add it to whatever you want, but to make garlic bread just spread it evenly into small baguettes, wrap in foil and then they can be cooked in the oven or on the BBQ for about 5 minutes, depending on how cooked you want them. When they're done, unwrap and voila! Gorgeous tasting garlic bread done quick and simply!

Hope you enjoyed my first recipe!

What do you guys think? Let me know how your garlic bread adventures went by commenting below!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My New Film!

Hello lovelies! This summer is turning into a busy one, and here is one of the reasons! 

A couple of years ago, I played one of the leads in a new feature film called OXV: The Manual. And now its finally being let out into the public domain! Its having its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival on 24th July, so if any of you are going, please go and watch it! 

This is me in it!
I play the part of the teenage Marie, who lives in a world where knowledge determines your destiny. She has an extremely high frequency that emits from her body, meaning she is incredibly intelligent, but works like a machine with no emotions. However, she is intrigued by a boy called Zak, who has an extremely low frequency, and when they meet, the effects are explosive!

We've made the Hollywood Reporter, and you can read the article here, and the film festival itself are great supporters of the film!  You can read what they said about us here and here!

Now this is where you guys come in. 

The film needs all the support it can get, so if you want to support this film, please go like us on Facebook, follow the festival and the director Darren on Twitter and mention us using the hashtags #fantasiafilmfestival #OXV or #themanual. 

And if you help promote us, I will personally thank and promote your blog/tumblr/anything on here and on all my other social media accounts! If you do promote us, just comment below with links to your blog/tumblr/anything so you can be rewarded! 


Tell your friends, family, dog, fish, ANYONE! We want to get as many people loving OXV: The Manual as possible! 

Thank you so much in advance! 

Anyone going to the Fantasia Film Festival? What films are you going to see?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Birthday Girl

Wow, I have been SO busy over this past week! I have literally been non-stop, so apologies for not posting for a bit. So this post is kind of a roundup of one of the significant things that happened to me this week; I turned 18!!!! I feel so old! I had such a lovely day with my family, and that went out to this little pub in town called The Crown with my school friends. It felt so weird going up to the bar to ask for my first legal drink!

So I just wanted to share with you all what I got! I got money and silly little presents from my parents, but here's what other people got me!

 Firstly is this stunning cake my friend made me! I was home along when I took this, and you need at least two people to lift it out the box, so I had to shoot it like this. It's a chocolate sponge, with marzipan and sugar icing. AND IT HAS AN OWL ON IT!! She knows me so well!

Here are the presents that I got!

I just want to thank everyone for my birthday messages and presents, as I had such a lovely time! People always say to make the most of your 18th year, and I feel like I can! I have a great group of people around me, and my family are so supportive of what I do, so, however cheesy it sounds, I feel like I can do anything!

But anyway, got a bit of track there with my soppyness, so back to presents!

I got this awesome book from my friend Rachel, who also made my cake. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I've recently got into fashion photography, especially the work of Norman Parkinson and David Bailey. The shots range from the 1920's to the early 00's, and will be a good source of inspiration for me in my own work. 
She also got me some lip gloss and nail varnish, which never goes amiss in my opinion!

Next is this gorgeous River Island necklace from my friend Katie. I've been after one like this for a while, but I hadn't found one that I like, so this was a really good present! I've worn it so much since she gave it to me, including to my prom! 

From my aunt and uncle I got and iTunes gift card and some yummy chocolates from a little chocolate shop in my town called Sophy's Chocolates. From my BFF Zoë and her family I got a Topshop gift card, an eighteen key ring, and photo album to put all my pictures from my 18th celebrations in, and a sweet little ornamental key with 18 on it, which is now hanging on my wall. 

From my other friend Katie, she got me this cute little nail tattoos that you can decorate with glitter to make up your own design, which has really inspired me to get more creative with nails!

My friend Nicole got me some sentimental little presents; this cute 'True Friends' teddy and an 18 mug with another teddy on top!

I also did a bit of birthday/holiday shopping, so I'll be putting up my new items soon!

Do you guys like what I got? What's your favourite item?
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