Georgie Minter-Brown

Hey! My name is Georgie, I'm 26 and I live just outside London. I'm an actor, & theatre school teacher.

During my A-Levels, I started reading blogs and watching Youtube and longed to be part of this world where I could share my interests and obsessions with like-minded people. So, in June 2013, I dived in headfirst and went for it. And here I am today! 

I fell completely in love with the community online, of how supportive everyone was regardless of who you were, and that is what keeps me writing posts and filming videos. I've met some of the closest friends through the internet and creating this blog has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! 

Over the years, my content has ranged from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel, but now I've found that my love for living sustainably without being perfect is something that has crept into my writing more and more. 

Even though I still love fashion, my focus has shifted from fast fashion and hauls to slow fashion and thrifting especially after learning about the impact fast fashion has on the planet. 

As soon as I could read, I would devour books in no time at all, and that has carried on well into my adult years! I have a rather overflowing bookshelf and love to recommend books I've fallen in love with so expect the occasional reading round-up or review here too! I'm also a big foodie, and I'm always trying out new recipes or baking are some sweet treats.

Ever since I was a baby, I've suffered from eczema, and I've continued to live with sensitive skin through my life. Unfortunately, that means I've had a lot of trial and error when it comes to beauty products I use, but I have been able to build up a list of trusted products and brands that I know I can rely on to work on my skin without aggravating it. I love a product even more if it's eco too!

And lastly, I love to write about my adoration for travelMy content was predominately fashion and beauty based until in February 2017 I dropped everything and backpacked around New Zealand and South East Asia for 5 months. I soon fell in love with travelling and all the experiences it has to offer so now I write about my travel experiences, tips and tricks. 

As well as all this, I also love sharing my experience as an actor, which I chat about a lot on my Youtube channel

So if any of those topics sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee), settle down with your favourite beverage, and happy reading!


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