10 December 2021

Best of L'Occitane Christmas Gifts

Selection of L'Occitane gift sets on a green blanket surrounded by gold Christmas decorations

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Well hello! It's been a while since I've typed in this little space of the internet. With filming, working on new exciting projects and going back to school, this little outlet has taken a backseat, much to my dismay. 

But now, with a number of things that have happened, I've found my balance once again! I've started actually having the time to plan content, and that brings me with so much joy. 

Another thing that brings me a lot of joy (great segway Georgie) is the festive season! So what better way to start back with making content, than with some gift guides!

As always, I'm trying to focus on more sustainable gifting options, and one brand that I love who are doing great things for the planet is L'Occitane. I've worked a lot with them in the past, and they remain in my top 5 sustainable beauty brands. 

In this gift round-up I've got some picks that they've sent over for me to try, as well as some bits that I bought myself for gifting this year that I think should make it into your shopping basket this month!

Close of L'Occitane tree decoration and cracker


These first two options work perfectly for stocking fillers, Secret Santas or just as an extra gift for a loved one (or yourself of course). 

First off, the tree decorations! Inside these pretty decorations you'll find a trio of mini's from some of L'Occitane's favourite collections. They are all nature-inspired, and great value for money too. 

The Magic of Christmas bauble in particular is a great pick, as you get all of their mini hand creams which I find great for popping in my bag to use on the go. 

The crackers that they do are also really good ideas for presents, especially presents for people at work. These have all sadly sold out at the moment, but keep an eye on the site in case they restock. 

Close up of the inside of the Best of L'Occitane gift box


If you're looking for a main present for someone, then take a look at their luxury gift sets and fragrances! The gift sets come beautifully wrapped, with some in limited edition festive boxes, meaning you can give them straight to your recipient without needing to do much decorating yourself. 

The Best of L'Occitane box is again sadly out of stock, but keep an eye out in case it comes back! There are some very similar boxes still available, where you get either a collection of different products, ones with all the same products, or ones with a full range in. 

I absolutely love L'Occitane fragrances (my particular fave is the Herbae scent) and they have a huge range too, especially with the men's fragrances. My favourite is Baux, which is a wonderful woody fragrance with notes of red peppercorn, cardamom, cypress and incense. 

If the fragrances are slightly out of your budget, they also do accompanying products like this shower gel, as well as after-shave balm, soap and deodorant. 

L'Occitane purifying freshness shampoo bar, and reusable gift bag in green, white and red


Those smaller gifts can sometimes be the hardest gifts to buy! L'Occitane have a great range of gifts suitable for stocking fillers and Secret Santas like their shampoo bars! They are a great eco-friendly gift, and they come in lot's of different versions including this Purifying Freshness one

This last gift would work perfectly either as a stocking filler, or to buy for yourself to use for gifts. Reusable wrapping has slowly been gaining in popularity over the years, and this year L'Occitane have released these gorgeous reusable gift bags made of 100% recycled cotton. They also make great little storage bags if you're looking at getting these for yourself…

Selection of L'Occitane gift sets on a green blanket surrounded by gold Christmas decorations


Are you a fan of L'Occitane products? 


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