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Sunday, 18 March 2018

What I've Been Reading Lately

books I've read, currently reading or want to read

I've kind of missed talking about books. As a self-confessed bookworm, there's nothing more I love doing than ranting on about a book I'm currently reading or want to read. I think this comes from the fact that I started reading from about the age of two so by the time I went to nursery aged 4 I was devouring books like I now devour Oreos (obsessively). This love of books remains a strong part of my life right up until today, and I find relaxing with a good book for a couple of hours the idea of bliss.

I've spoken a couple of times on here and on my Youtube channel about my love for books and reviews on what I'm currently reading, but it kind of petered out when I went travelling. I was (of course) reading while I was out there, and even brought a few more books back with me, but I had gotten out of the habit of discussing it with other people and on my different outlets.

I'm resolving that today by coming to you with an update on what I've been reading lately, including the books I've read over the past couple of months, what I'm currently reading now, and what I want to read in the next few months. I'm on a mission to read a book a month this year, and with this lot, I'm certainly on the way to achieving that.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

4 Beautiful Places to Visit in Bali

Sunset at Dreamland Beach, Bali

After leaving Christchurch in New Zealand, and a 9-hour layover in Sydney we were on a plane heading to one of my dream destinations- BALI.

Bali is one of those places that you picture when someone talks about a 'tropical paradise', so I had really high expectations. I have to be honest: I wasn't completely bowled over by it. Shock!!! Horror!!! 

This may have been because we only spent just over a week there all in all, and also because we got to visit Lombok and the Gili Islands which have some really stunning beaches. But this wouldn't stop me visiting again as it still is a beautiful country. 

I will go into detail in some later posts about things like costs and places to stay but here are 4 of the beautiful places we visited while in Bali.
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