Thursday, 12 July 2018

8 Of The Best Summer Makeup Bases

8 Of The Best Summer Makeup Bases

I've been a bit up and down with my skin recently. I have filmed a video all about this going up soon as well as this post about my battle with dry and eczema-prone skin. To say it's a pain is a mild understatement- it affects my confidence and turns applying my makeup, which is something I enjoy a lot, into a difficult task. 

Part of what I do with this blog requires me to try out different beauty products, but sometimes those products don't agree with me. This leads me to battle eczema until it's settled down, and it can days or weeks at a time. I'm currently fighting a flare up around my eyes which I have been treating with steroid cream, as well as folliculitis on my forehead! 

This means that certain makeup bases don't cut it anymore. If it gathers around any dry patches it's out of my makeup bag straight away, while if it slides off my face after a couple of hours due to the summer humidity and sweat, what's the point of even putting it on?!

I try not to be majorly fussy but when those hero products come along I hold onto them for dear life, especially in the warmer months. Recently I've been wanting to try out some new products to add to my collection of fail-safe makeup bases that I know will see me through any skin disaster- be it an eczema flare-up, a scorching hot day or a pesky spot. 

Out of the many products I've tried over the years, these are my go-to summer makeup primers and foundations that I will be repurchasing again and again. 

Friday, 22 June 2018

4-Day Itinerary for Singapore

Super Trees at the Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Singapore was one of those places that I'd always wanted to visit and experience, and originally when we were planning our trip, we didn't think we would be able to fit it in considering our time and money restraints. However, after we had to sadly cut out the Philipines from our 5-month trip because of New Zealand eating up more of our budget than we'd hoped, we realised we had the opportunity to hop over to Singapore after all!

After spending just over a month surrounded by rainforests and nature, we were craving a bit of bustling city life and Singapore certainly fulfilled that for us. This squeaky clean city (you can be fined for littering and chewing gum) whisked us away in our 4 days spent there, and even though at times it can feel a little too perfect, it certainly has buckets of character and culture if you look in the right places.  

I will be doing a budget breakdown of how much we spent travelling Singapore but to give some reference with money, £1 = around $1.80 Singapore dollars, so compared to the rest of Asia it is on the pricey side. Spending less than a week here was the perfect amount of time for us as we were, of course, travelling on a budget, but it is totally doable to enjoy everything this city has to offer if you're backpacking.

Here's our itinerary of how we spent 4 incredible days exploring Singapore. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Dry & Eczema-Prone Skin? Here's How Hyaluronic Acid Could Benefit You

hyaluronic acid products

Ever since I was a baby, the main problem with my skin has been eczema. I would scratch my skin raw until my mum bought me some hand mitts, but even now I still get flare-ups. I get it in the normal places, like behind my knees and in the crease of my elbows, but when it hits my face, then the struggle really begins. 

With my body I know I can just reach for my trusty Aveeno or Bioderma SOS Spray (the only products that soothe the itching while moisturising it), but with my face I feel like I need more than just those, seeing as I'm applying skincare products and makeup to it every day. Eczema on my face can get really itchy and irritated if I use the wrong products on it, so I've now started to look more into the products and ingredients I put on my face. One of those ingredients that have been helping me battle eczema a treat is hyaluronic acid.

Friday, 27 April 2018

5 Things to Do in Malaysia You May Not Know About

Sapi Island, Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia

If anyone asked me to try and choose between any of the places I visited in Malaysia, I know I wouldn't be able to decide as aside from one or two places, our time in Malaysia was pretty perfect. 

Along with friendly people and cheap food, this country is also overflowing with a variety of different cultures and is truly unlike any country I've visited before. It's a destination that is so underrated, so try and get there now before everyone else realises how beautiful it is. 

This huge country is split over two land masses but I've picked out 5 things to do in Malaysia that you may not have heard of or know about. If you're visiting Malaysia soon or looking at adding some places to visit to your travel bucket list, these 5 will hopefully inspire you. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

How Travel Taught Me What I'm Thankful For

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

We all go about our lives at 100mph busying ourselves with working, socialising and family all while being constantly connected to what's going on in the world through our phones. It can get so easy in this day and age to keep ticking over in our routine without really stopping and taking a breath. Even when we're on holiday and supposed to be relaxing, you'll normally be snapping away while thinking about which photo to post on social media later.

It wasn't until I went backpacking last year for 5 months that I fully stopped and looked at my life. It's funny how sometimes you need to take yourself to a desert island to fully open your eyes to what your life is like. We can get so blinkered with our daily life, but after I found myself sitting on a plane heading to the other side of the world, the veil was lifted and I really started to realise how incredible my life really is. 

There are many factors that I've realised I'm so thankful for in my life, but I handpicked the top 5 to talk about today. If you've found yourself feeling down and uninspired lately, maybe it's time to take a trip stripped back to the basics? You'll be surprised how much travelling can affect you and make you realise what you're thankful for.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

New Spring Makeup Releases: What's Worth Buying

New Spring Makeup Releases: What's Worth Buying

As the days get lighter and slowly start to get warmer, I normally find myself reaching for different makeup products than I did during the winter. My skin completely changes from season to season, and I have to tailor my skincare towards it- you can see how I treat my skin during the winter here.

Once I've sorted my skin out - because ya know, it can be a tad annoying trying to put beautiful makeup products on your face if your skin is running riot - I start looking in my makeup collection and at new releases for different coverage and colour schemes. I transition from wearing heavy foundations to lighter ones, my blushers and bronzer become warmer in colour, and I start to play around with coloured shadows and eyeliners a bit more. The lipsticks usually stay the same throughout the year but I end up pushing my darker berry tones to the back of the draw while bringing the lighter pops of colour to the front. 

Seeing as I've been trying out a lot of makeup recently, I thought I'd showcase some new spring makeup releases that have been brought out, how I'm getting on with them and whether you should be popping them into your basket. I'm always on the hunt for new products, especially ones that I can take travelling with me, so I'll also be giving some of these a go in different climates as I go on my travels this year.
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