Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Taking Care Of Your Teeth After Braces

Taking Care Of Your Teeth After Braces

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For 2 long years of my life, while I was a teenager, I had braces. 

Back when you're 14, the idea of braces makes your skin crawl, especially if like me, you also had glasses. Let me just say- 'geek chic' does not apply to this combination. 

I soon warmed to my braces and I definitely don't regret having them as they sorted out the gap between my teeth beautifully. 

Also, I think braces are more accepted nowadays, with more adults getting braces and retainers as well as kids and teenagers. 

The want for straighter teeth seems to outway the 'brace-face' stereotype. 

After people get their braces taken off, however, is a different story. I know of a number of my friends who ended up having to get braces put back on a few years down the line as they didn't look after their teeth, and they told me how much they regretted that. 

I, on the other hand, was a teeth goody-two-shoes, making sure I took the best care of my teeth so as not to go through the hell of getting braces put on (and taken off) again!

You may think some of the tips below are obvious ones, but I can't tell you the number of times I've forgotten to do some of these things or put off doing them for months! So if it's a little kick up the butt when it comes to keeping those teeth looking exactly like how they looked when you had your braces off, then take a look below. 

Monday, 4 March 2019

How To Plan A Trip To Thailand

Koh Tao
Koh Tao

Thailand is a great introductory country into South East Asia as it's geared itself more to western visitors while still holding the charm of Asia. You'll probably have heard a fair few people (maybe even people you know) heading to Thailand for weeks strolling on beaches, hitting full moon parties and wearing elephant pants constantly but I promise you it's so much more than this. 

Think peaceful temples, bustling city streets filled with colour and amazing food smells, sanctuaries for rescued elephants, tiny bookshops, drinking Chang's while playing cards by the beach, snorkelling with triggerfish and sharks, dodging monkeys on the streets and climbing through caves for the best views of the coastline. 

If you've already found you've fallen for what Thailand has to offer and have booked your tickets out there, then the next step is to start to plan your trip in more detail. 

Even if you're only just starting to think about heading to this beautiful country, hopefully, this guide will give you some idea of what to expect when planning your trip. 

If you're planning on visiting Thailand while backpacking through SEA, then I've already put together a guide to planning a backpacking trip here which covers all the basics and goes into a bit more detail on certain aspects, so feel free to take a look at that post for some more in-depth info about that. 

But if you're just planning on hitting Thailand this time, then keep on reading...
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