14 July 2013

Recipe: Garlic Bread!

So here's my cooking side coming out! This is a quick and simple recipe for a well loved side dish at the meal table (well, if you like garlic anyway)! This is great for when you want to take something to a BBQ, and can't think of anything original, and, if like me you're using home grown garlic and herbs, it makes you feel a bit proud of yourself! 

This isn't a strict recipe either; its very much guesswork, and what you think tastes best! So you can make this as strong or mild as you want!

So what you'll need to make the garlic butter is:

  • Garlic
  • Butter, and
  • A mixture of herbs

The garlic I used is homegrown and fresh instead of dried, and to get a medium garlicky taste I used two, including the leaves (yes, you can eat them too! Just treat them like chives). 

The herbs are also a selection from the garden, and in this case I used chives, oregano and savory, but you can mix it up with whatever you want! 

If you can't use homegrown stuff, then don't fret! It tastes just as good with shop bought products!

So here's what you've got to do...

- Wash your herbs and garlic, especially if they have come from your garden. Leave them to soak for a couple of minutes before taking them out and patting them dry with a tea towel. 

- Next, peel the garlic and check over the herbs to get rid of any unwanted bits like stalks, dead leaves etc.

- Then, roughly chop the garlic and the herbs, and very finely chop all together with a herb chopper (I don't know its real name, but its a tool with two handles on either side of a curved blade so you can rock it back and forth over the food. You can see part of it in the right hand side of the above photo. If any of you know the real name of it, please comment below!) or a suitable knife. Chopping the herbs and garlic fine is key, as large pieces won't mix with the butter well. 

- Now its time to involve the butter. Again the amount you use depends on how much you want and what flavour you want, so start off with small amount and build it up until you have the result you want. I ended up using about a third of the butter from the container to mix with the above amount of herbs, but of course its up to you! Put the butter in a medium size bowl and then add your herbs and garlic. Then, get mixing until its well stirred in.

This is my end result, with an even mix of butter, herbs and garlic. Now you can essentially add it to whatever you want, but to make garlic bread just spread it evenly into small baguettes, wrap in foil and then they can be cooked in the oven or on the BBQ for about 5 minutes, depending on how cooked you want them. When they're done, unwrap and voila! Gorgeous tasting garlic bread done quick and simply!

Hope you enjoyed my first recipe!

What do you guys think? Let me know how your garlic bread adventures went by commenting below!

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