31 July 2013

Girly holiday in Bournemouth, day 2!

For our second day of adventures we decided to venture out of Bournemouth to Poole. Poole has its fair share of mainstream high street shopping and quaint harbour side shops, which pleased us shopaholics just fine! One shop that we stopped off in was Lush, as its actually based in Poole! As well as the shop, they also have a spa that has a range of various treatments that we would have loved to have tried if we had more time. Instead, we decided to buy some products that we could do on each other back at the hotel (girly sleepover style)!

Let's just say we went pretty insane in here, I felt quite sorry for our friend Kieran who joined us that day. I don't quite think he knew what he was letting himself in for!

We chose the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask, as it looked like the most natural and smelled of almonds and honey (delicious!) I'll be reviewing it in a later post.

My goal for when I'm rich and famous

We stopped off for lunch at this little cafe/bar below the old Custom House there, and had this delicious platter called "From the land" that consisted of Camembert, stuffed peppers, olives, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, salad, bread and various oil dips. It was a lovely light lunch that is great for sharing!

Now onto our outfits!

Topshop Dress
Primark Gladiators

As we were going to be walking around quite a lot that day, I wanted an outfit that we keep me comfortable and cool, while still keeping stylish. The answer to this problem? My backless yellow summer dress! The fabric is so light but not see-through, and has a small amount of structure to the skirt part to help prevent it from flying up and flashing the whole of Poole ;) Also the top neckline reminds of the 1960's style, which I ADORE! The low back gives it just a touch of glamour that can work for day. 
We all decided to buy cheap little rings to remind us of our holiday, isn't it cute?!

Vintage Leather Bag
Converse Double Tongue Sneakers

And here are our dinner outfits...

*H&M Top*
Charity Shop Skirt
Vintage Handbag
Primark Gladiators

This was a great smart casual outfit to wear out to dinner, mixing "slouch", prints, and metallics. 
Emma mixing animal print and a logo sweatshirt for a walk on the beach

What do you guys think of our outfits? And are you in love with Lush as much as we are?

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