10 July 2013

My New Film!

Hello lovelies! This summer is turning into a busy one, and here is one of the reasons! 

A couple of years ago, I played one of the leads in a new feature film called OXV: The Manual. And now its finally being let out into the public domain! Its having its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival on 24th July, so if any of you are going, please go and watch it! 

This is me in it!
I play the part of the teenage Marie, who lives in a world where knowledge determines your destiny. She has an extremely high frequency that emits from her body, meaning she is incredibly intelligent, but works like a machine with no emotions. However, she is intrigued by a boy called Zak, who has an extremely low frequency, and when they meet, the effects are explosive!

We've made the Hollywood Reporter, and you can read the article here, and the film festival itself are great supporters of the film!  You can read what they said about us here and here!

Now this is where you guys come in. 

The film needs all the support it can get, so if you want to support this film, please go like us on Facebook, follow the festival and the director Darren on Twitter and mention us using the hashtags #fantasiafilmfestival #OXV or #themanual. 

And if you help promote us, I will personally thank and promote your blog/tumblr/anything on here and on all my other social media accounts! If you do promote us, just comment below with links to your blog/tumblr/anything so you can be rewarded! 


Tell your friends, family, dog, fish, ANYONE! We want to get as many people loving OXV: The Manual as possible! 

Thank you so much in advance! 

Anyone going to the Fantasia Film Festival? What films are you going to see?


  1. Hi, I have seen the movie, and I loved your performance!
    The cruel and cold heart you used was brilliant! Almost depressive.
    How did you managed to do it?

    Sorry for my english.

    1. Thank you! I just had to turn my emotions right down and be very aware of what my face was doing!