3 July 2013

Birthday Girl

Wow, I have been SO busy over this past week! I have literally been non-stop, so apologies for not posting for a bit. So this post is kind of a roundup of one of the significant things that happened to me this week; I turned 18!!!! I feel so old! I had such a lovely day with my family, and that went out to this little pub in town called The Crown with my school friends. It felt so weird going up to the bar to ask for my first legal drink!

So I just wanted to share with you all what I got! I got money and silly little presents from my parents, but here's what other people got me!

 Firstly is this stunning cake my friend made me! I was home along when I took this, and you need at least two people to lift it out the box, so I had to shoot it like this. It's a chocolate sponge, with marzipan and sugar icing. AND IT HAS AN OWL ON IT!! She knows me so well!

Here are the presents that I got!

I just want to thank everyone for my birthday messages and presents, as I had such a lovely time! People always say to make the most of your 18th year, and I feel like I can! I have a great group of people around me, and my family are so supportive of what I do, so, however cheesy it sounds, I feel like I can do anything!

But anyway, got a bit of track there with my soppyness, so back to presents!

I got this awesome book from my friend Rachel, who also made my cake. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I've recently got into fashion photography, especially the work of Norman Parkinson and David Bailey. The shots range from the 1920's to the early 00's, and will be a good source of inspiration for me in my own work. 
She also got me some lip gloss and nail varnish, which never goes amiss in my opinion!

Next is this gorgeous River Island necklace from my friend Katie. I've been after one like this for a while, but I hadn't found one that I like, so this was a really good present! I've worn it so much since she gave it to me, including to my prom! 

From my aunt and uncle I got and iTunes gift card and some yummy chocolates from a little chocolate shop in my town called Sophy's Chocolates. From my BFF Zoë and her family I got a Topshop gift card, an eighteen key ring, and photo album to put all my pictures from my 18th celebrations in, and a sweet little ornamental key with 18 on it, which is now hanging on my wall. 

From my other friend Katie, she got me this cute little nail tattoos that you can decorate with glitter to make up your own design, which has really inspired me to get more creative with nails!

My friend Nicole got me some sentimental little presents; this cute 'True Friends' teddy and an 18 mug with another teddy on top!

I also did a bit of birthday/holiday shopping, so I'll be putting up my new items soon!

Do you guys like what I got? What's your favourite item?

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