6 August 2013

Girly holiday in Bournemouth, day 3!

On our third day of our girl adventure holiday we again ventured out of Bournemouth to Swanage and Corfe Castle. Now, for any of you who have never been to Swanage or Corfe, please excuse how excited I am about to get, as they are among some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Seriously, I want to live there! They are hybrids of little old-fashioned model towns and Midsummer Murders villages. I cannot recommend it enough, especially if you are after some serious Britishness! Think convenience stores selling homemade preserves, people walking their goats down the high street and their normal train being an old fashioned steam train! 
The colours were also what amazed me- I expected to see this kind of blue sea in the Mediterranean, not Swanage!  
With the girlies 
We took the steam train to Corfe Castle where we had traditional afternoon tea in a little tea rooms in the town. 

That scone was almost as big as me! ;)
All of the calories from this gave us the energy to explore Corfe Castle itself; let's just say we all felt like princesses, especially Emma! It was a dream come true for her! We also ended up going crazy dressing up in traditional costume, much to the amusement of the other visitors ;)

Here are our outfits!

Converse Double Tongue Sneakers

Zoe sports a cute small print dress and adds a casual twist with her trusty Converse sneakers. She uses her denim shirt as an alternative coverup to keep out the breezy winds. 

Emma goes all princessy with a gorgeous floral strapless dress layering with a vest underneath to add interest. I also did her halo braid, which I will be doing a tutorial post on soon. 

Katie goes for a practical light playsuit, kept casual with her Converses and accessories. Plus I love her Ray Bans...I think that'll be the next thing I save up for!

*My mum's top*
Topshop Orange Shorts
*H&M Cardigan*

Seeing as we were travelling on a boat that day, I decided to go a bit nautical with my clothes with a Breton top. I added some colour with my orange high waisted shorts. Usually I'm not keen on horizontal stripes on my top half as they make me look quite big, due to me being short and curvy, but as this top is slightly baggy, I can get away with wearing it! Also, the wide neckline takes attention away from any bits that don't look right. 

Later in the evening, we decided to get dressed up to go out for our final dinner of the holiday at Prezzo. Here's what we wore (sorry for the indoor shots, it was raining outside)!

I love this waterfall dress, its such a simple colour but it can be dressed up with heels etc. It reminds of traditional Grecian dresses, especially once I added the woven belt. I also added gold accessories to really bring out my tan that I had eagerly required over the holiday ;)

New Look Waterfall Dress
New Look Strappy Heels
Vintage Handbag
*River Island Coverup*

Emma goes prim in navy blue and monochrome, while adding a a flash of bright colour with her nails and lippie.

Zoë glams up her playsuit with cream heels, and defines her waist with a cream belt to add some definition. This is a great evening look that can convert a daytime piece to an evening piece!

Katie lets her beautiful embroidered top do the talking by teaming it with skinny jeans and a black vest. Love her hair too!

My gorgeous BFF's!

What do you think of Swanage and Corfe Castle? Where's the most beautiful place you've been on holiday?

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