7 August 2015

Nails Inc Swan Street Polish

I'm such a sucker for a good nail polish- my nail polish collection is huuge! So much so that I'm really tempted to do a video on it! But back to this nail polish. I've always loved Nails Inc, and it was my mission when I was younger to collect as many as possible! I didn't get that far but I'm adding this one to a collection of 7 Nails Inc polishes :) I picked up this little gem while in John Lewis, and I couldn't wait to try it out!


Nails Inc. is a LondonEngland-based nail bar chain with 60 outlets across the United Kingdom.

Nails Inc The New White Polish in 'Swan Street'

This was one of the first things that drew me to this polish. I love this new packaging; from the text to the metallic lid to the curved glass. You can't actually use the silver lid to undo the top, so I take it off to use it. It's actually a pretty weighty bottle too, mainly because of the lid. The brush is really useful as it's wide and curved, meaning it fits your nails perfectly for a more accurate finish! I definitely think it fans out better than the Rimmel nail polish brushes. 

I was really happy with this polish! It's from their New White collection and the formula goes on really well, but it is very slightly runny so make sure you're painting and letting them dry on a flat surface. It goes on pretty opaque for a white polish, but I would recommend 2 coats for a light finish or 3 coats for a more intense colour. I tried 2 coats this time, but I think I would go for 3 in the future as I really like that block colour effect. It dries super quickly too, and doesn't budge when it's on if you make sure all the coats have dried completely. The colour is very true to what's in the bottle too- I just can't get enough of the off white/pale green effect. 

Overall, this is a great polish, easy to apply and I haven't had any first day chips!!! If you don't know Nails Inc, definitely check them out as they are a great brand to invest in.

Have you tried any of the New White collection from Nails Inc?



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