15 June 2020

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Tanning (Tanning Routine)

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Tanning (Tanning Routine)

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I'll be honest: I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to tanning. This has mainly extended out of years of being completely fazed by tanning mousses, with the fear of ending up looking like I'd been rolling in mud rather than having a golden glow. I always saw mousses as unforgiving if you got them wrong, a faff to apply (especially having to wash it off the day after) and inconvenient for the fact that you couldn't get dressed and go straight away. 

Then tanning waters and gradual tans came into my life, and I haven't looked at a mousse bottle since. 

Tanning waters are the ultimate lazy girl tanning product as you can apply without having to wait to get dressed or worry about it transferring onto clothes and bedsheets. You can also correct any mistakes that start to emerge as the tan develops by adding more water as it blends really naturally. 

But there are also some other fantastic products out there that also deserve some recognition, so here's my guide to tanning for lazy girls.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water


When it comes to my main tanning product, then the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water (ad-aff) is my go-to. For my pale skin, I find that the Light water transforms it beautifully to give it a sunkissed glow, without looking too orange. It also doesn't have an obvious biscuity smell thanks to the organic, natural ingredients in it. This is ridiculously easy to apply, and so I thought I'd pop down my routine to help you achieve the best streak-free tan with this water. 

1. Exfoliate. I choose to exfoliate the day before, as is recommended on the bottle. Over exfoliating can end in an uneven tan, and so I let my skin settle overnight before tanning in the morning. 

2. Remove makeup & deodorant. You don't want anything to cause an uneven tan, and makeup and deodorant can result in that, so I make sure I shower & exfoliate before bed, to remove everything and then the next morning I'm ready to tan. 

3. Moisturise dry areas. Apply an oil-free body moisturiser to hands, elbows, knees and the sock area to treat any dry patches. 

4. Tan. I use a tanning mitt to avoid having to worry about getting tanned palms, but you can definitely use your hands if you want to. I find that three sprays of water per body part (e.g. arms, thighs, shins, chest, back etc) gives me my preferred coverage, and I use circular buffing motions to apply it. I leave the back of my hands and feet until last, and just use the excess on my mitt to avoid applying too much. I also took the tip from the founder of Isle of Paradise Jules Von Hep to tape a mitt to a wooden spoon to reach my back - honestly the most ingenious thing I've heard!

5. Remove tan from hands. If you've used your hands to tan then this is a must, but I also do this to make the tan on the back of my hands look natural. If you're looking for a use for your old stock of makeup wipes, then here's a great way to use them as washing your hands normally with water can remove the tan completely so you end up with pasty hands. Wipe your palms, nails, and between your fingers. 

6. Blend the edges. Another great tip from Jules. To give a more natural finish, dab moisturiser to the bottom of your palms, Achilles heels and ankles and then rub it in with the inside of a fluffy sock. This will stop you from getting a tan 'cuff'. 

7. Buff in the tan. This is completely optional, but I find that this reduces the risk of getting any streaks if I have missed a spot. Use a sponge to pat the skin lightly. 

I normally do this routine about once a week, and then use the following products to top up my tan in the meantime. 

Garnier Summer Body Lotion


Over the years, gradual tan body lotions have been my tanning products of choice. I can build up my tan in a controlled way, without worrying about any streaky mishaps. The only problem I've found is I end up smelling of biscuits 24/7. 

That is until I discovered the Garnier Summer Body Lotion (ad-aff). This has a lovely apricot smell that definitely reduces the biscuit smell, and leaves my skin with a beautiful glow that I do find noticeable (some gradual tanners don't even seem to show up on my skin sometimes). I normally use this when I have to move the day I do my tan routine but still want to keep the glow going, and is also great to hide if my main tan is fading. 

St. Tropez Everyday Pre-Shower 1-Minute Tan


These have been a fairly new addition to my tanning routine, but one I'm so glad I discovered. These are a hybrid of gradual tanners and traditional wash off tanners and I find these so good to use when I'm in a rush in the morning but don't want to skip my tan. 

My particular fave is the St. Tropez Everyday Pre-Shower 1-Minute Tan (ad-aff), as it's the least fussy one I've tried. I'm a huge fan of the foam formula over other cream versions as it melts into the skin really quickly, and then after a minute, I can jump into the shower. I've used ones in the past where I have to wait longer, or wet my skin before applying, and found that I get too impatient waiting that long when all I want to do is be in and out the shower in the least time possible. 

Just a couple of things with this tan - it really works like a standard tan, so don't miss out any areas otherwise you'll end up with some interesting streaks! I made the mistake the first few times I used in shower tanners that I forgot to do my neck, and soon realised my mishap when I wore low neck tops...

Also, if you decide to buy this one, make sure you store it upright, as it does leak! You don't want your drawers to develop a brown tinge!

Ecooking Self Tanning Drops


These are fairly new to me, but I've been really enjoying using them as my face tan as they are great at moisturising the face as well as giving it colour. 

The ones I use are the Ecooking Self Tanning Drops* as they are really kind to my sensitive skin and really easy to use. After exfoliating my face, I add a couple of drops to my moisturiser in the evening and by the morning I'm left with a subtle glow that helps link in with my body tan when I'm not wearing makeup. 


I'm all about making my life easier, and when it comes to tanning these products and methods give me the results I like without spending hours on it. How do you like to tan? 



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