2 September 2013

Let's fly away, on a holiday...

So I've been back from the beautiful Tenerife for a week and a bit, and I've finally settled back into normal everyday life. I no longer mope around bored out of my mind, nor complain that its too cold. In fact I could even say I'm pretty content. I think its partly the concept that I don't have to go back to school in September. I mean, I'm still going to be working for my mum, and filming, but still. That routine no longer exists for me! 

So I'm going to give you a little viewing of my holiday with one of my best friends Megan and her family. And she agreed to appear in a few blog photos for me, which I was really grateful about! I apologise in advance though for the picture quality, I really need to get a new digital camera. If any of you have suggestions of great digital cameras, preferably 12 megapixels, please comment below. 

Our view from the plane
Our view from our apartment!
I never got tired of this view! 

So we just had a relaxed day on our first day, we got to our apartment around 12ish so we just unpacked and then headed straight to the pool! I have to say, I'm very impressed with myself for the tan I got, because I never tan. Like never! So this was a big achievement for me! I was also able to improve on my swimming thanks to Megan, my own personal life guard ;)

This was my dinner outfit for our first night. I have to say, I've been wearing this skirt a lot lately. I just love that pattern! Its also got a great pallet of colours that I never thought would've worked together well before! I decided to pick out the white in the skirt with my white shirt and sandals, and was secretly impressed that my toe nails (that I'd painted the night before we flew out) matched the blue so well in the skirt...this was not planned either! Also, I uncovered my beloved white and gold anklet before my holiday, which I was so pleased with! Anklets always remind me of summer, and just add that little touch to an outfit. I think I need to get some others, now my obsession has started!

*Vintage white collarless shirt* (similiar)
Charity Shop Skirt

This is Megan :)
Yoga pose ;)
What do you think of our holiday outfits so far? Have any of you been to Tenerife before? Also, any suggestions of good digital cameras?

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