12 September 2013

Tenerife, day 5!

So this day was a pretty incredible day. On this day, we went up to the top of Mount Teide, the dormant volcano on the island. Its 3,718m high, and we travelled up to 100m below the very top! Don't worry, it last erupted in 1909, so we were perfectly safe! And the views were so worth it, as you'll see below!

One of our views on the way up
 You couldn't drive straight up to the volcano; we had to drive for 3 hours (which went by so quickly thanks to the amazing views) and then a cable car to the top. 

On the way up in the cable car

At the top!!!!
 As you can see, the views at the top were absolutely stunning! It felt like you were literally on top of the world! It was definitively worth the slightly scary cable car ride up! 

Canarian Top
Topshop High Waisted Shorts
We actually got told completely different things about what the weather would be like up there; some people told us it would be humid, others told us it would be freezing cold! So we went for a bit in the middle, shorts, a top and we brought a cardigan just in case. In reality it wasn't even that cold, it only started to get a bit cold after we had been up there for about half an hour. I chose to wear one of my new tops that I'd bought on the island which I had got for something ridiculously cheap like 3 euros- a white top with Aztec shapes and beading set against a black background. I paired this with my orange shorts to bring out the orange in the t-shirt. My Converses helped with the rocky terrain; I just cannot fault them!

This was one of my favourite outfits of the holiday! It kind of happened by accident- I was flapping around as I only had 5 minutes to change, and this happened! The sleeveless shirt dresses it up for evening, while the print on the shorts still keeps the outfit fun!

Zara Blue Sleeveless Shirt
*Topshop Union Jack Shorts*
Primark Gladiators

Have any of you been up a volcano before?

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