20 September 2013

OOTD with Lauren Evie!

So about a week ago I met up with my good friend and fellow blogger Lauren Evie (you can find her blog here),for a blogging day and a good old catch up! I think its so great that she has a blog too; she set hers up around the same time as I did, and its great to have someone to talk all things blogging with. She’s just gone off to uni so it was lovely to spend some time with her before she went. Its quite weird how everyone is skipping off to uni and I’m home trying to pursue something completely different to them. Speaking of which, if you want to check out how my new film is getting on and possibly want to go and see it, check out the movie Facebook page here for news on where its going to be etc.

Sorry, I do sidetrack quite a lot.

Getting back onto the main topic of the post! Lauren and I did a little OOTD together seeing as we were able to take each others pictures. We both go shopping together quite a lot, so we learn each other’s tastes. We aren’t very good influences on each other though, I have spent a lot of money with her before!

This pair of acid wash boyfriend ‘Mom’ jeans from Topshop are one of my latest purchases. I was originally looking for a pair of normal skinny jeans, but I picked these up as I was going round the store. I have to say, I’ve always been a little nervous of boyfriend jeans, and have never really found a pair I liked, but I really loved the acid wash on this pair. I thought I’d give them a shot and completely surprised myself in the changing rooms! They fit really well, and didn’t make me look huge. I knew I would be able to wear them with heels due to what I’ve seen street style wise, but thought I’d also give them a shot with flats- and they work!

The black military boots were bought at the same time as the jeans, but in New Look. I was looking at some flat boots to take me into autumn/winter, and these caught my eye as they have a Doc Martin/war boot feel about them. I've always wanted a pair of Doc Martins (either the black or burgundy ones) but these are definitely a great cheap alternative. They are also soooooo comfy, so they're great to just shove on and go!

Getting a bit 90's here with my new chain! I wasn't sure about this jewelry trend at first, but it started to grow on me as I saw how great it looked when put with the right garments. I'm using it at the moment to jazz up shirts (as you can see from above), jumpers and tops to add a bit of glitz. I really liked the chunky chain design, and after some long searching around gave in to this one in Topshop. Wow, I'm really having a Topshop moment this year aren't I?! 

Vintage Wrangler Denim Shearling Jacket (similar)
Cheap Monday Black Shirt (similar)
New Look Black Triple Buckle Lace Up Biker Boots (they have them in tan here or if not they have something similar in black here)

Me and Lauren!

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