11 October 2013

Little Tips: Jewelry organisation

So I've decided to start up a mini series on here called Little Tips, which will be short posts about little tips that have made my life (and hopefully yours) a whole lot easier! 

The first tip in my Little Tips series is jewelry organisation! Now I know some people are extremely lucky enough to have whole cabinets full of drawers and hooks dedicated to their jewelry *sends jealous look to such people*, but if you don't have that kind of space, then do not fret! Gone will be the days when you used to fight to untangle your favourite necklace in a last minute dash to accessorize your outfit (guilty)! And the solution can only cost you a measly £1.50!

The answer, dear friends, the humble tie rack!

The tie rack is a multi-tasking genius! I certainly never thought of using it to organise my jewelry! As I have quite a lot of the stuff (I'm a sucker for jewelry) it was very frustrating in the past when I would be trying to find a certain item, but not have a clue where I put it. But now, I can plan what jewelry I want to wear, without wearing the same pieces again and again. I'm able to get a bit of rotation in what I wear. Plus, it really glams up this empty wall I have!  

I also find that I can fit a lot on there! I put one necklace, one bracelet and one ring on each arm, and there are 16 arms, so I can plan way ahead! I got mine from Wilkinsons, but there are plenty of other stores that do them in various styles for different prices.

Would any of you guys try a tie rack to organise you jewelry? Or would you use it for something else?


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