23 March 2020

How to Satisfy Your Wanderlust When You Can't Travel

Marina Bay, Singapore
Marina Bay, Singapore

I had a really long think over the past week as to what to post on this blog. Without mentioning the C-word too much, the coronavirus has changed the way we live our lives drastically, and that in turn has affected what sort of content I'm producing. 

Of course, I want to try and keep a sense of normality with my content, even if it becomes a form of escapism, but there are certain things that will have to change. 

So before we get started in this post, I want to turn the question to you. What do you want to see? I want to keep posting about travel as well as beauty, fashion and lifestyle, but this seems like a much more difficult genre to adapt than the others. Do you want to still travel guides even though we can't travel? Or would you prefer to see travel content more tailored to our current way of life? 

Today's post was supposed to be about the travel mistakes I've made, but at the moment I can't ignore the travel restrictions we're currently under, so I've written from my gut. We may not be able to go anywhere (apart from the food shops) but we can still satisfy our wanderlust temporarily from the confines of our own home. 


With this first point, I want to make one thing clear: I'm not encouraging you to do what some very silly people are doing and travelling unnecessarily to end up in a crowded place (and essentially just using this pandemic like a bank holiday). 

I'm talking about getting fresh air so that you don't become pot bound at home. While we still can, take a short walk to get some exercise and also just to keep moving to change the scenery around you. If you're planning on going for a walk in a park or public space, just be sensible. If there are a load of people there already, don't risk it, and find a place where there are very few people around. 

If we do end up in lockdown, then make the most of the space you have. If you're lucky enough to have a garden, then get out there! Even if the weather isn't great, pop your coat on and get your fix of fresh air. It'll clear your head in no time. It sounds silly, but if you don't have a garden, then you could even stick your head out the window if it's safe to do so or open the windows to let the outside in. Or, if you're craving a bit of greenery but can't go out, buy some indoor plants to get your green fingers going. You never know, all this time that we'll have at home might help us not kill our house plants off!

Langkawi, Malaysia
Langkawi, Malaysia


Sure, you won't be setting dates or booking tickets any time soon, but if there's a trip you've been dying to go on, it's high time you started planning it for when we're allowed to travel again. 

There's something truly satisfying about putting stars on a map of places you want to visit, and planning excursions, so why not use this time we now have to do just that?

When it comes to budgeting, plan a couple out to give you options. Money is something that will be on a lot of people's minds, but if you lay out some saving targets for when we are earning more securely again then you can have something to work towards in the long run. 

When you do plan out your future trips, try and make a conscious effort to visit small businesses. They'll have been hit hard by the coronavirus, so be sure to show your support when things start to let up. 

Banana pancake in Ubud
Banana pancake in Ubud


Are you missing the feeling of discovering new things? Focus on what new things you can discover at home. It could be through watching travel vlogs, films in foreign countries, or reading travel books, magazines and blogs. Try and research where the places that pop up in these are, and you can even star them for your future travels. The number of times I've found a film location online and felt so satisfied that I've discovered it definitely helps! 

Missing the culinary experience? Try it out for yourself! There are so many times that I've brought back a list of dishes to try and recreate at home and then just forgotten about it. Now's the time to get creative in the kitchen! If you don't have your own list from your travels, then think about what type of cuisine you like, and have a look for recipes online. 

Missing the relaxation? Then make time now! Have some me-time when the opportunity arises to fix yourself a drink, read a good book or even to have an at-home spa day. 


This is a great one for if you have kids, as much as it is for couples. Grab yourself a tent and set it up in your garden. Go for the full shebang and make a campfire or fire pit to cook on and roast marshmallows. Hang some fairy lights up, lay down some blankets and make like you're out camping for real. 

Again, this doesn't really work if you don't have a garden, however, there's nothing wrong with getting back to your childhood and making a fort in your home. Grab some blankets, duvets and pillows and create your own campsite inside! Obviously don't go making fires unless you've got a proper fireplace, but you can get these really cool marshmallow toasting kits from Happy Mallows to make it more authentic.  


Who doesn't love a walk down memory lane, especially when your next trip isn't happening any time soon? So why not take a look back at your previous travels and get creative. 

This is something I've been working on since going backpacking. I saved all the ticket stubs, receipts and leaflets and I've slowly been adding them to a travel scrapbook along with my fave photos from the trip. It's a great way to keep my creative juices flowing while making something that I'll look back at fondly for years to come. 

If you don't have the materials to make a scrapbook, then why not create a photo album? As well as creating physical ones, there are loads of online options too to keep those memories alive. 

Temple of the Jade Mountain, Hanoi
Temple of the Jade Mountain, Hanoi


This is obviously a very difficult time for everyone, but I hope this post gave you a little light as to how to keep positive and proactive if you're missing travelling. If you have any ideas, then do pop them below!


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