6 March 2014

Guest post: Chloe from Lost Arrows!

One of the lovely things about blogging is that you get to meet some amazing people. All the bloggers I've met so far on this journey have been some of the kindest and sweetest people I've ever met! I was lucky enough for Chloe from Lost Arrows to do a guest post swap with me, and so, while my life gets super crazy (seriously, I've lost track of time this past week or so, updates coming soon!) please find Chloe's post below! 


Hello its Chloe here from Lost Arrows! Recently the lovely Georgie and I decided to do a post swap! How exciting!! So here it is, I decided to share with you my top 10 favorite items!!

1. I think I'm just as shocked as you are that a bright red lipstick is my number one... Coming from a girl who didn't own any two years ago, but a bright lipstick can really change your mood! However I have fallen in love with Russian Roulette by Sleek, I actually perfere this to Mac, I find it more moisturizing! 

2. Denim jackets never go out really do they? And a vintage Levi would last you forever! I think they go with almost everything too!

3. Brogues are my most favorite shoe ever ever ever! I love me a good brogue! Unfortunately the ones I'm wearing at the minute are only from Primark, but I can lust after these perfect babies too even if they have a £200 price tag..

4. Backpacks are your best friend! Especially when you have the back of an eighty year old in your twenties.. You can fit everything in and your hands are left free, what more could you want!?

5. I personally will probably never get tired of the spike necklace trend, dress up a shirt with a statement piece? Check. Toughen up a girly outfit? Check. I dare you to find me an outfit that wouldn't go with this necklace!

6. If you know me, you know how much I love the Chung and nothing is more Alexa than a peter pan collar. Enough said.

7. Topshop Joni jeans. Looking back I think these would be more suited to my number one.. If you haven't tried a pair, why ever not!?

8. A floral dress. Lately not a day goes by when I'm not wearing something floral and how cute would this look worn over the shirt? I think I'm just wishing summer was here already, gotta love a flowery summer dress!

9. Doc Martens. A complete contrast to number eight! Since I bought these in my first year of college no other boots have come close! Go with everything, comfy once you've broke them in and last for ages!

10. Nail polish!! A different colour each week please! This week I'm holding onto a chipped Greenberry manicure thanks to Barry M. I really think they're rather brilliant polishes for the price!!

What would be in your top ten? What do you think mine says about me!? I tag Georgie and everyone else who's read the post!!


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