23 June 2013

Loving Joy

My latest brand obsession, thanks to my friend Delia, is Joy! I'm just so in love with all of their pieces at the moment; I want every single one! If you want to check them out, you can find them online here

I went to their store in Angel and instantly fell in love. They stock some awesome brands, ones I knew about before like Brat and Suzie, and ones that I didn't, like Louche. 

Louche Chica Hawaiian Dress
Bright prints were the main focus in the store, but it wasn't overpowering; I just wanted to buy it all! The clothes ranged from summer dresses, to staple t-shirts, and you could really see the quality in the clothes. 

Brat And Suzie Hippy Dog Tee

I'm seriously considering investing in this T-shirt, its such good value and goes with pretty much everything! 

Louche Kat Intarsia Jumper
I also love the animal print shorts beside the jumper, but I would team this with black and white spotty trousers and simple point heels. 

I was very tempted to try these bikinis on, as they would be ideal for my shape! They have good support for boobs as they are structured, and reflect a 1950's pin up style. I think I will be investing in these for summer. 

As well as stocking clothes and accessories, Joy also have a home and gifts section, ranging in style from vintage, to modern abstract. Even if you're looking for something to buy for someone else, you're bound to fall in love with something on the way! 

Owl Cookie Jar and Salt and Pepper Shakers
Now I just LOVE owls! They are my favourite bird, so when I saw all the owl gifts and trinkets in store, I tried very hard not to scream, otherwise I would've been given some very weird looks! But just look how gorgeous they are!

Blue Letter Book Boxes A-Z

What do you guys think? Are you in love with Joy as much as I am? Feel free to let me know your thoughts!

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