20 June 2013

Vintage Dream

My love for vintage, is huge. As a child, I enjoyed nothing better than dressing up in my mum's old clothes that she used to wear in her teens, and that passion has not stopped! So when my mum told me about the London Vintage Kilo Sale that was happening at Hackney Downs Studios, I couldn't contain myself! So arm in arm with my best friend Zoë and my Canon 550D, we went off to see what treasures we could find. 

Now for those of you who don't know much about kilo sales, this is how they work:

  • They are usually run by a vintage fair company. The one I went to was run by Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, which you can find here. These fairs source vintage retailers from across the country and collect varied pieces from the 1970s-1990s. 
  • You pay by weight. So for instance 1 kilo= £15, which is an amazing price, as you could get an average of 4-5 pieces in a kilo!
  • You've got to dig for that treasure, so be prepared to be up to your elbows in clothes (which isn't so bad)! The one in Hackney Downs Studios had the clothes laid out in a variety of ways across the space, including mini skip-like containers, table tops and rails. Usually, some of the best pieces were ones you pulled out from the bottom.
Zoë making an appearance while choosing which bag to buy.

So, what did I return with from the sale? Well, feast your eyes on the gems below...

Tommy Hilfiger Light Denim Jacket

I already have my mum's vintage dark denim jacket, but a girl can never have too many right? This is a nice little fitted piece, and is in such good condition! I even found a tag inside it! Its also really light, so I can wear it this summer (if that ever arrives!). It would great with the sleeves rolled with a white shirt and a leather skirt, Miranda Kerr style. 

Gina Benotti Denim Gilet
Again, I already have a light coloured one from New Look, but the potential in this was just too gorgeous to resist. This might turn into a little DIY project of mine, maybe adding some lace onto the pockets, or toughening it up with some studs and spikes on the shoulders. I'd jazz this up with stripes and some spiked sandals. 

Orange Batwing Beach Coverup
I've inherited a few white ones from my mum from when she went to Mexico, but this one is such a standout piece. A great holiday coverup!

American Cherokee Denim Floral Blazer
My mum wants to steal this one! I love it, its such a great twist on denim! It looks a little big on me when loose, but once done up, I can wear it as a dress with a slip underneath! I'd team this with tan heeled cowboy boots for a relaxed festival feel. 

Milano Bay Khaki Shirt
I've been after a khaki shirt for a while, and I finally found one! The lace detailing on the pockets did it for me, I can't resist a bit of lace, me! I'd be it bit more adventurous with this shirt, teaming it with floral trousers and neon accessories. 

Wrangler Fur-lined Denim Jacket
This is more of a winter investment, but so worth it! The fit is just right, and its so warm! You'll definitely see this baby appearing in my winter posts! 

Blue Tailored Trousers
I was a little disappointed with these as when I got them home, I found they had a few holes down the side. A couple at the seam I can stitch up, but the others I will either have to patch over, or put embellishments over the top. But its nothing that my sewing kit can't handle! Plus these are great for my shape, as I have a tiny waist but quite big hips. That's what I love about vintage clothing, it really suits my hourglass shape. I'll team this with simple strap heels, lace top and statement necklace. 

Calvin Klein Denim Shorts
The perfect summer staple, they are worn but still look amazing! I might be a bit creative and bleach the bottoms, as I'm loving the ombre trend at the mo! 

Club Room by Charter Club Flannel Shirt
Again, I had been after one of these for a while. This will look great done up with denim shorts or a denim skirt, or for a more western feel, thrown over a white dress and cowboy boots. 

Be-Girl Denim Shorts Dungarees
Keeping in with the fashion world's recent obsession with dungarees, these give a nod to the 1990's with an androgynous hint. These would look perfect teamed with a simple t-shirt underneath with Converses. 

The whole lot cost me £60, which is pretty good baring in mind I got 10 pieces, including some designer pieces! 

But what do you guys think? What piece is your favourite out of my haul? And how would YOU wear them?

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