5 April 2018

New Spring Makeup Releases: What's Worth Buying

New Spring Makeup Releases: What's Worth Buying

As the days get lighter and slowly start to get warmer, I normally find myself reaching for different makeup products than I did during the winter. My skin completely changes from season to season, and I have to tailor my skincare towards it- you can see how I treat my skin during the winter here.

Once I've sorted my skin out - because ya know, it can be a tad annoying trying to put beautiful makeup products on your face if your skin is running riot - I start looking in my makeup collection and at new releases for different coverage and colour schemes. I transition from wearing heavy foundations to lighter ones, my blushers and bronzer become warmer in colour, and I start to play around with coloured shadows and eyeliners a bit more. The lipsticks usually stay the same throughout the year but I end up pushing my darker berry tones to the back of the draw while bringing the lighter pops of colour to the front. 

Seeing as I've been trying out a lot of makeup recently, I thought I'd showcase some new spring makeup releases that have been brought out, how I'm getting on with them and whether you should be popping them into your basket. I'm always on the hunt for new products, especially ones that I can take travelling with me, so I'll also be giving some of these a go in different climates as I go on my travels this year.

avon anew perfect skin instant blurring treatment


I always have an on-off relationship with primers, and use them when I'm in the mood but when I find one I love I stick with it until it's run out. Avon's Anew Perfect Skin Instant Blurring Treatment* is a fab mattifying primer with a consistency that reminds me of Benefit's Porefessional. This is currently in my makeup bag and blurs my pores but doesn't mask them completely, so if you want more of a natural look then this primer is for you. I always find when I apply this, my foundation blends in a lot quicker than without it, and I've found I don't get as oily throughout the day when wearing this. 

it cosmetics your skin but better cc cream, and The Ordinary Serum Foundation


Depending on whether my skin is behaving itself, some foundations can work really well with my skin while others flake off like little snowflakes. My skin has been loving these two new foundations in my collection so if you're an eczema sufferer like myself these might be worth your money. Let's talk about the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream in Medium* first- the more expensive out of the two, this is in my opinion worth every penny. My skin really loves this: any spots that are starting to rear their ugly heads start to fade after a couple of days of using this, as the added serum in the formula is full of antioxidants and vitamins that treat my skin while I wear it. I would say this is more of a medium coverage rather than full coverage that the packaging states, as I find I can blend this in to match my skin tone perfectly while still looking natural. Also, the added SPF 50 means that this will probably become a staple product for me throughout the summer and for holidays.

The second foundation was one that I got on a whim, mainly through Albertine (from AlbertineSarah)'s recommendation. The Ordinary Serum Foundation in Fair 1.1P is one product that has received a lot of popularity since it's release, and after using it I can see why. This is super lightweight to apply and leaves you with a natural finish that looks like your own skin. If you have problematic skin I would maybe suggest getting the It Cosmetics CC Cream as the coverage is a little better than this while still looking natural, but if you've got blemish-free skin then this will become your best friend. I always enjoy applying this and it lasts so well throughout the day. The shade range with this is fantastic (21 shades don't ya know) and even though I felt I picked pretty well with my shade I do wish I had waited and popped into the Covent Garden store to get properly matched just to make sure. 

 I'm really intrigued to see how these two work during the summer when it comes to longevity, but I know for sure that I will be repurchasing these. 

it cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer


Another one from It Cosmetics, the Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in Medium* is a beast of a concealer in the fact that this covers everything. Bad under eye circle? Gone. Angry red spot? Don't know what you're talking about! Being so full coverage means that it can stick to any dry skin you may have, but if you don't then this is easily blendable with a beauty blender or your fingers. Like the CC cream, this is packed with lot's of ingredients your skin will love, like hyaluronic acid and vitamins to treat the skin while you wear your makeup. I've even seen a slight improvement in my dark circles which is impressing me so far. I have found that if my mascara falls, it can stick to the concealer but then that just shows how amazing it's staying power is. 

lola makeup brow pencil


I have been a Benefit worshiper since their big brow launch a couple of years ago, and I can still say my heart is with the Goofproof brow pencil and the Ka-brow pomade. However I'm always looking for new products to join my little brow dream team, and when this Lola Makeup Brow Pencil in Dark* came skipping into my life I was so excited to try it out. This was a product I had to work at and play around with to discover how amazing it is- I haven't used a traditional brow pencil in years to my first few goes were a bit ahem 'heavy-handed'. But I stuck with it and now can happily do my brows with this, brush them out with the brush on the lid and be left with beautiful full brows that last all day. Let's just say it's nearly rivalling my Ka-brow, and that's saying something...

too faced matte chocolate chip palette


This next product is not exactly new-in, as I've had it since before Christmas, but I felt like I had to talk more about this fab palette in case it's new to any of you. The Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip Palette* takes 11 of the best shades from the original Chocolate Bar palette and puts them into matte form, all while still smelling super yummy and applying with the same amazing pigmentation. I can hands down say this has become a staple in my makeup routine, and a palette I enjoy reaching for time and time again. This was one of the first bits of blogger mail in my career that I couldn't quite believe had been gifted to me- believe me, I had imposter syndrome vibes for a good week. If you want a palette you'll use every shade in it, this one is for you. 

l'oreal perfect slim superliner and lola makeup duo jamal and eyeliner


After returning from travelling I was desperate to get back into my trademark cat eyeliner flick that I had not sported for so long. I went on the hunt for a suitable liquid eyeliner that wouldn't break the bank and settled on the L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim Eyeliner. For me, this was a great starter liner to get me back into doing my flicks, with the nib being small enough to be precise without too many mistakes. 

However, when I moved onto the Lola Makeup Duo Kajal and Eyeliner* I quickly forgot about the other liner. The staying power of this is one of the best I've tried, with the intense black lasting right into the evening with only the flicks fading a little. I'm loving the kajal liner on the other side too- its creamy consistency means this glides on like a dream with one layer being more than enough to make your eyes stand out. 

max factor voluptuous false lash mascara and it cosmetics superhero mascara


I try to regularly clear out my ever-growing makeup collection and after my latest session, I realised I was left with one lonely mascara to get me through my days. Over the next month, I soon accumulated a few more, the first being the Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara which is definitely a new favourite. I prefer big wands on my mascaras, and this spiral one is perfect for getting every lash and building volume and length without clumping. It's super buildable, and even though I do get a little fallout with this my lashes don't drop as much as they do with other mascaras.

Another one that I've been playing around with is the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara* which has proved to be quite a little gem. The staying power is fantastic- once this is on, this ain't budging until bedtime! Even though again there is some fallout, this mascara keeps my lashes as lifted as when I applied it. I do find though, that this is one you have to have a go at to really get the best out of it. The wand isn't as big as I normally like, and that leads to a lot of product building up on it. I soon realised after a few goes that you need to take as much excess off as possible before you apply this unless you want to end up looking like some spiders have decided to have a party on your lashline...however once I remove any excess, I don't get any clumps and I can apply this with precision. 

Lola makeup long lasting lip gloss and kat von d studded kiss lipstick


 These past few months have been all about the lip products for me. I've been mainly wearing nudes but I've also added a few more colours and consistencies to my collection too. Let's start off with the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lolita II*. After working with Kat Von D in the past, I was really excited when I found this beautiful satin matte dark pink nude. The consistency is one of my faves as it applies so creamy and stays matte without drying the lips. It also lasts well even through drinks, food and gigs (really put this to the test through one evening) and if you partner it with the Everlasting lip liner in the same shade, it can last right through the night. 

I haven't used lip gloss for a while but I've currently had the Lola Makeup Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Rose Pink* in my handbag. This gloss has become my everyday nude lip product of choice, with its nude pink colour complimenting the gold glitter particles in a formula that isn't sticky unless you apply too much. These last a good 4 hours even while drinking, but a little less if you throw eating into the mix understandably. The hyaluronic acid (see a running theme in products yet?) slightly plumps the lips while not drying them out too much. 

elegant touch chrome collection false nails and leighton denny nail serums


I'm throwing this category in as more of an addition as I've been trying out some really awesome colours and treatments that I had to talk about. I only wear false nails on special occasions and when I do I have always worn Elegant Touch. Their chrome collection is one of my favourites so far, and means you don't have to commit to sitting in a chair for ages getting gels of these done when you can apply them in 10 mins tops! I'm so excited to wear Molten Madame* and Mirror Mermaid* for a night out. 

Leighton Denny has some lovely nail shades, but they've also brought out their cuticle serums that are perfect for treating any nail problems you may have. The hydra flex serum* hydrates the skin around the nail while treating dry and thick nails by building a protective film over the surface. I started using this as my nails had become quite unflexible making them hard to cut. However, due to the infrequent cold spells we've been having, my skin has been having a field day which has led to my nails splitting. Because of this, I decided to move on to the Bio-build Serum* to give an injection of moisture into them while bonding the nails together to create stronger nails. 


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this! I appreciate every single view or comment I get. Let me know if you liked this post or if you've tried any of these already. I'm sure I'll be sharing some more new-in stuff next season!



  1. OK I need the Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer! My dark circles have been getting me down so much recently...urgh! And I am intrigued by The Ordinary, I have heard so many good things, might need to do a little beauty shop soon! x x x

    1. You really do, that thing works miracles! xxx

  2. Great product collection! I really want to try the IT cosmetics, I hear (usually) good things for this brand!
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire