28 February 2018

My Post-Travel Pamper Routine

My Post-Travel Pamper products

If any of you have been travelling or backpacking for a long period time, then you'll know what I mean when I say you end up returning home in a bit of a dishevelled state. You've been on a plane for the past 12 hours, where you've tried to sleep (and failed), have been sitting in the same clothes for way too long and have had the air-conditioning slowly sucking all the moisture out of your skin.

I realised after going on a lot of long-haul flights that I wasn't the type of person to sit there with a sheet mask on, however good it may be for me. I can certainly manage to do a quick cleanse and then pop on a night moisturiser to keep as much moisture in as possible, but the idea of freaking out the flight crew and my fellow passengers while sitting there looking like the guy from Friday 13th isn't my thing. Plus I think Chris would disown me if I did that!

Once I get home, as well as tackling the mammoth task of unpacking and washing all my clothes, I also set about bringing my skin and hair back from the dead by giving myself a good old pampering. As well as helping me feel more human again, I also find it relaxes me after spending the past day manoeuvring around airports with a huge backpack. 

Here are the main things I do after travelling to pamper myself back to normality.

formula 10.0.6 one smooth operator face scrub, 7th heaven charcoal nose strips and soap & glory's scrub of your life


Even though I take exfoliators and masks with me when I travel, I don't always use them as much as I would at home. When I do it's a real treat while on the road, but sometimes I may not have the time to put aside to do a face mask or I could be on an overnight bus or train. Essentially when I come home, I normally find my skin and body is in desperate need of a good descaling. 

I'll initially give my face and body a good scrub on the day I return, and then throughout the week, I'll apply a couple of masks to rejuvenate my face and give it a moisture kick. This is honestly the best feeling after a long day of moving around. As you may know from my winter skincare checklist, I love 7th Heaven's face masks as they are so easy to apply and remove with maximum results. I'm currently using these Charcoal nose strips on repeat, as they are perfect for removing a build up of blackheads and blemishes 

Recently I've been trying out Formula 10.0.6's face scrub and it definitely does the job at removing the dead skin! It doesn't leave my face raw after, and the smaller particles help clear pores and brighten my complexion. It works particularly well if you're prone to blemishes or your skin can be a bit temperamental after travelling. My skin always feels so smooth after and I find I only have to use this once a week to keep up the results.  

When it comes to my body, nothing beats Soap & Glory's Scrub of Your Life. It does a great job of removing any dry patches and also helps reduce the appearance of any 'chicken skin' or impurities I may have. I've been using this for a couple of years now and it's my favourite body scrub to date.

monu spa warming ginger bath and body oil and rosehip plus oil


I used to completely forget about how wonderful oils are but I'm making a conscious effort to include them in my life more often. Whenever I use a serum on my face or an oil in my bath, my skin is like brand new thanks to the goodness they give my skin.

I normally reach for a Vitamin C serum like the Balance Power Serum which perks up my skin but I've also been trying out some others to see if they can help my skin even further. A favourite at the moment is this Rosehip Plus Oil

I've found that using this has been improving my skin pigmentation which, if you didn't know, is red tomato territory, and has been helping with any blemishes that have been trying to take shape on my skin. On top of this, rosehip oil is known for repairing sun-damaged skin so this would be perfect to use after a beach holiday when you've fallen asleep on your towel or in my case, bought a suspicious sun cream in a Cambodian chemist that practically invited the sun to have a party on my face. I give you sun-dried tomato Georgie.

Bath oils are rather a recent discovery, as in the past I've normally reached for a bath bomb or bubble bath to jazz up bath time. But now I'm pretty hooked, and every time I have one at the moment I reach for the MonuSpa Warming Ginger Bath and Body Oil. This little guy came in my most recent LookFantastic box which is rather fab for travel size products, and the ginger doesn't only rejuvenate the skin but also the scent (if you like the smell of ginger) refreshes your senses while relaxing your muscles.

lush mint julips lip scrub, carmex cherry tube and carmex sugar plum lip balm


My lips took a bit of a beating last year- I didn't take my trusty Lush Mint Julips lip scrub with me and after 5 months of not scrubbing them it felt so good to finally treat them. I definitely need to get a new one and possibly try another flavour, but it's a habit I'm glad I've picked up again. 

After scrubbing them, I apply my trusty Carmex as I know it will keep my lips crack-free for hours. If you haven't tried the cherry one or the limited edition sugar plum one then you're really missing out! Even my bf is a fan, and he's always asking for some when we're out and about!

shea moisture organ oil and almond milk smooth and tame shampoo and conditioner and 7th heaven organ oil hair mask


As much as I loved having beachy waves every day last year, I realised when I returned home that my hair had turned into a mass of sun-bleached straw. All the days spent in the sea had stripped any moisture from my hair that had been there which meant that when I returned home it was hard to style without looking like a birds nest. 

The first thing I did when I was home was to book a haircut. You can apply as much conditioner as you want or slap on a hair mask but nothing really beats getting a fresh cut. As well as taking off all the dead ends, it's nice to refresh my look with some layers so it looks more alive than when I sat in the chair. 

After going for the chop, I then go in with a shampoo and conditioner that are super moisturising, like the Shea Moisture Argan Oil and Almond Milk Smooth & Tame shampoo and conditioner. The first time I tried this set I was completely sold, mainly because it really helped tackle my flyaway hair and any frizzy parts. The shampoo especially felt just as thick and luxurious as the conditioner which is a big tick for me and soaked into my hair really well. 

Also, I always find that like a nice hot bath, washing my hair can be really relaxing after a flight, especially if the products I use smell as good as these!

If my hair is really struggling, I'll go in with a hair mask like the 7th Heaven Argan Oil Rescue Mask that I'll leave on for between 5-10 mins depending on how much time I have. This normally gives my hair a breath of fresh air and gives it a bit more volume and bounce than normal. 

bilou fizzy berry creamy shower foam and patisserie de bain sugared violets hand and body lotion


As well as my face, my body needs a moisture boost after being repeatedly sunburnt (not intentional, promise!) and so I turn to products that do the job but that are also gentle on my skin, as it can get a bit irritated when dry and break out in patches of eczema. 

If you're looking for a lush smelling shower gel that won't irritate your skin, then you'll really love Bilou's products- I'm pretty obsessed! I first spotted this brand in a Zoella video, and they just launched exclusively at Superdrug with some of the most delish smelling products I've ever tried!

The Fizzy Berry Shower Foam is the perfect balance of smelling sweet but not too artificial, and the foam consistency is surprisingly creamy on the skin, with some of it sinking in before you wash it off. This means the moisturising starts before you've even stepped out of the shower, but it also doesn't flare up any sensitive areas which some yummy smelling products do.

Once I've dried myself, I immediately put on some body lotion to make the most that my skin is soft. I always go for one that is thick and smells good as I love getting wafts of it throughout the day. If you're looking for some really yummy smells, the rest of the Bilou range and Patisserie De Bain do great options. I'm currently loving the Sugared Violet Body Lotion which smells like Palma Violets and is super thick without using too much. 


After I've finished pampering my body, I'll go and pamper my mind. Books have been a big part of my life since I first learnt to read, and there's nothing more I enjoy than chilling out with a book after a hectic couple of days of moving around. I may get the chance to read on a flight, bus or train, but in the back of my mind, I know that I have to keep slightly alert so that I can get off at my stop or get ready for landing. 

I've set myself the challenge of reading a book a month this year so expect a lot more book reviews coming your way! At the moment I'm making my way through A Corner of My Heart by Mark Seaman, and I'm really enjoying it so far! I'm just over halfway through so I will be posting a full review when I finish it.


I would love to hear if there is anything else you do to recover after travelling and stayed tuned on here and on my Instagram for news on where I'm travelling to next!



  1. This Fizz Berry Shower Foam sounds SO cool, definitely need to get my hands on that!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    1. It is honestly amazing, and so affordable!!

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