28 August 2014

Goodbye To Company


As we live in a world which is ruled by the internet, it can be sometimes really hard to get away from it. As you can see, I couldn't ignore it, so threw my heart and soul into it! But however much I love the internet, sometimes it can take things away from you that you find familiar and comforting. And one of those things is my beloved Company Magazine.

In case you haven't heard, my favourite magazine Company will cease print publication, with their October issue being their final print issue before they go digital-only after 36 years. From the reaction from bloggers and readers alike on Twitter and other social media, I am not alone in saying how shocked and saddened I was by the news. It may sound corny, but Company was one of the reasons why I started blogging! I loved how supportive they were of bloggers and how they focused on fashion rather than gossip, and knowing that support base was there was very reassuring for me when I started out. Even the layout of the magazine reminded me of blogs that I read! The funny, witty text and collage style articles was a breath of fresh air amid formal print. 

This is the second magazine that I've loved that has gone digital-only; the first was Sugar (holla at ya if you remember Sugar!!!) who left the world of print in 2011 to head online at Sugarscape. And now that Company will be leaving too, I'm starting to get a bit worried. Worried that there will be a day when you walk into a shop and there are no magazines on the shelves. I've always been a traditionalist- I've fought the rise of the Kindle as my love for having a physical book in my hands was what I preferred. It's just not the same. And I find that I read more when I have paper in my hand instead of a machine. 

I've always looked up to Company. So many amazing bloggers have been featured in it, as well as my idol Zoella gracing their front cover as their first Youtuber cover star. One of my blogging goals is to appear in Company, and now I don't know whether that is possible anymore. But I will always love Company, despite the fact that I won't have that little thrill of buying the latest copy anymore. It will always be my little companion in my bag (on my phone) and I'm sure I will continue to be inspired by it whatever happens. 

So thank you Victoria White and your incredible team for creating such a fun, unique magazine that has been in my life for these past few years and for making me laugh, cry, and be inspired to be a better person! 

What will you miss most about Company?



  1. I was really sad when I heard that Company Magazine was going to cease print publication.
    I really loved the Magazine!

  2. Having a major back-stalk of your blog and I was in the March issue this year for my photography! So sad it finished printing :( was a fab publication for bloggers to get recognition

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

    1. OMG YES!! I've still got the issue I thought I'd seen you elsewhere other than on Twitter! How funny?! I know I really miss it :( exactly, just hope another publication will continue the work it started...x