23 May 2014

What do you guys want to see?

Away With The Fairies is growing up fast. It’s almost 1!!! It’s strange, because two years ago, I would never have dreamt that I would have a blog or a Youtube channel…I never thought I’d be brave enough! But sometimes you have to make that jump, even if you don’t know whether you’ll fall or fly. In this case, I flew! And I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have read a post or watched a video of mine, because it means so much! Without you all, there would be no Away With The Fairies! And that would make the fairies very sad L

When I started it all last year, I always had it in my mind that even though the content would be my opinion, I also wanted it to be interactive for my readers and viewers, so that you guys could be part of this wonderful thing. And it makes me smile every time I get a comment or tweet in reaction to a post or video. So on that note, I want to ask what you guys want (in terms of posts/videos, I can’t give you anything like a pony. I wish). What do you lovely lot want to see? Is there anything you want to see more of, or anything new you want to see? I always keep my work as personal and unique as possible, because, you know, there’s only one you, so why do what everyone else is doing?! I feel that my readers are part of Away With The Fairies, so whenever you have an idea, just pop a comment on here or on a video on my channel so that your voice can be heard!

I’m also going to be starting doing some debate/opinion videos on some subjects that are close to me, so keep an eye on my twitter and facebook page for announcements on these videos and how you can get involved!

What do you want to see?


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