20 October 2020

Vintage/Retro Inspired Fashion Trends For Autumn

Check shirt and beige trousers outfit

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The wardrobe changeover every season always fills me with so much joy! Is it the fact that I use it as an excuse to treat myself to a few new wardrobe additions, or is it the fact that the organisational freak in me gets to plan my seasonal capsule (ish) wardrobes again? That's a secret I'll never tell...xoxo Gossip Girl.

 I just love planning my wardrobes, and one thing that always intrigues me is to see what styles have come back around again from times past. 

Nowadays, it's very rare that a style is brand sparkling new, mainly because a lot of the trends have been done before, and are just having a reboot. When I was planning my wardrobe for this autumn, there were a few trends that caught my eye that left me with a sense of deja vu, especially as I had some very similar vintage pieces hanging in my wardrobe. 

So let's have a peek at some of the autumn trends that have already had a moment in the past, and that you'll be able to shop on the high street and in charity shops. I'll be leaving some new and second-hand options under each section so you can shop to your heart's content!


First up: sweater vests. This one is a biggie, especially when it comes to trends lead by Instagram. I've seen so many of my favourite accounts sporting these, and the high street has started to follow suit. But this one is by no means a newbie trend. In fact, the men have been sporting these right back from the 1920s!

I love the preppy vibe these can give out, and the best thing is that you're bound to find some great picks in your local charity shop as well as on the high street. I remember fondly my grandad rocking sweater vests, so when I start adding some of these to my wardrobe, it'll be like a little homage to him. 


Plaid is a no brainer when it comes to styling up your wardrobe, but as I'm sure you know, it's been sported by lords and ladies on their country estates for a long while. Plaid started to creep into more mainstream fashion from the 1950s but it was the 1970's where it really made a comeback thanks to punk rock and Vivienne Westwood. 

Over more recent years, the print has crept from shirts and now you can find tha most clothing items and accessories come in a plaid option. At the moment, I'm especially loving the check shackets that I've seen a lot of people sporting. 


Another obvious one, maybe, but you may not know that the chunky boot trend spans back longer than you may think. Something that I didn't know was that Doc Martens actually came out in the 1940s before really coming into their own on the people we're used to seeing them on: the skinheads in the 70's, the punks in the '80s and in the grunge movement into '90s. 

As well as your classic Doc Marten style, we've also seen lots of new styles cropping up recently, from the mid-calf style, Chelsea boot style and platform style all coming into the mix. You can also find some fab second-hand options out there that have already been worn in for you, so you can enjoy them without the blisters!


Probably one of the oldest trends here, the statement collar can be traced back to the mid-16th century when they were known as ruffs (Shakespeare chic). Since then, there have been many collar trends, and for 2020 we've settled on the oversized Peter Pan style collar. 

This trend may be harder to find second hand, especially as this trend is so specific, but you'll be surprised by how many statement collared shirts you can find. We've also seen the emergence of the detachable collar being sold separately, so there are definitely a lot of different ways you can delve into this trend. 


This last trend is one that I think looks so current, but again can be traced back over a century. Leather coats have taken many forms, from flight jackets to biker jackets, and from punk to the more sophisticated Matrix-style rain mack. 

I've already been hunting for second-hand options, but this seems to be the trend that people are hiking up the price for. If you manage to grab a bargain one or are lucky enough to stumble across one in the back of a family members wardrobe then embrace them! I'm particularly loving the long blazer style ones that have been popping up recently. 


Are there any trends you are loving that are vintage? Or do you have any of these hidden away in your wardrobe already? 


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