10 August 2020

Working Out On Your Period (Modibodi Review)

Working Out On Your Period (Modibodi Review)
 AD - contains a gifted item but all opinions are my own

Periods are never fun, especially when you want to work out. This sort of scenario normally plays out in my head when I want to work out on my period: 

I want to wear my cute light-coloured leggings...but what if I have an accident? Okay fine, let's go for the dark pair then. But now what to wear, pad or tampon? If I wear a pad, it might show at the back...but if I wear a tampon, what happens if I get leakage? 

On top of that, I'm trying my best to make my period as eco-friendly as possible and so with the fact that I'm still scared of menstrual cups, I've been sticking to organic and biodegradable pads and tampons. 
I have also been starting to look into reusable underwear, which seems like a great option but it's still all very new to me. So when I was approached by Modibodi, a brand who makes reusable underwear, and they asked if I would like to try out their new leakproof workout shorts, I jumped at the chance! Did the shorts live up to the leakproof label put on them? Let's find out...

Working Out On Your Period (Modibodi Review)

Working Out On Your Period (Modibodi Review)

Working Out On Your Period (Modibodi Review)

Working Out On Your Period (Modibodi Review)

For me, this was a great first step into the world of reusable underwear, as I could ease myself in slowly by only wearing it when I worked out to get used to the feel of not wearing a pad or tampon (it feels strange at first as it feels like you've forgotten your usual period protection)!

The active running shorts look like normal shorts, with great features like pockets and breathable material, but underneath is hidden built-in pants with a padded section to protect from not only your period but also from bladder leaks and heavy discharge. 

The hidden pant has light-moderate flow protection, equal to the amount of 2 tampons, and so this meant I was well-protected for my usual workouts. I used these both on heavier flow days as a backup to my normal tampon, and alone on light flow days and I have to say they didn't leak! I think this is down to two things: 

1. The thick elastic is pretty strong, making it a snug yet comfortable fit when you're moving about to stop it moving too.

2. The pad is very effective at absorbing moisture and I hardly found that there was any surface build-up whatsoever. 

Speaking of the pad, it does feel slightly bulkier than a normal pantyliner, and it does show ever so slightly at the back if you know what you're looking for. But if you don't mind not having a completely sculpted bum while at the gym or on a run, especially as these are a slightly looser fit anyway, then you'll get on well with these. 

Now, these are more of a low to mid-waist style, which I'm not particularly a fan of, but I find these style well with my longer tank tops so it's just a case of finding how you like to style them. 
After I've worn these, I take them off and rinse them in the sink at home. They say that you should rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear, but I find my period flow doesn't get that heavy so I just rinse it until I'm happy the worst of it is out. I then pop it in the wash on a cold rinse (30 degrees and below), and they are good to go for next time!

All in all, I have to say I'm really impressed with these shorts. Not only do they make me feel a lot more comfortable working out on period days, but it's also great knowing that I'm using less one-use products during my time of the month! It would be great to see if they bring out activewear that is suitable for heavier flow days to wear on their own like they have with their underwear, as then that would be another step towards giving up pads and tampons for good. 

Now I've braved wearing these, I'm definitely going to consider using reusable underwear, so watch this space...

Working Out On Your Period (Modibodi Review)

Working Out On Your Period (Modibodi Review)


Have you tried reusable underwear before? Also, how do you deal with your period when working out? 



  1. Girl, I love those shorts! I sometimes work out during my periods wearing leggings! I may try next time with a cute and sexy shorts like yours! :)

    1. They are definitely worth getting! They've made my periods so much more manageable