21 July 2020

6 Summer Makeup Bag Essentials

6 Summer Makeup Bag Essentials

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Changing up my makeup bag when the season's change has become part of my routine, just like changing over my seasonal clothes. 

In the summer, I find myself reaching for more tinted moisturisers than foundations, light powders, and warmer colour tones in my lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadows. 

Regardless of what I have in my makeup bag, there are always some essentials that make their way in during the summer months, and I use them every day in some shape or form. They have become my summer beauty companions, and I can easily create a whole makeup look just from using these products!

Bioderma Photoderm AR SPF50+ Tinted Cream


I'm the type of person who doesn't like a lot on my skin (I'm very much a light-coverage kinda gal). So as soon as the temperature rises, I switch out my foundations for tinted moisturisers and BB creams. I just find that they glide onto the skin so well to give you that no-makeup makeup look, but are also buildable if you want more coverage. 

It's an added bonus if they also have an SPF in it, as that ticks off one of my skincare must-haves. SPF is very important to me, as I really want to look after my skin and the sun can be damaging as hell if you go unprotected. I find that sometimes layering a base product over a suncream can stop the colour blending in as well, so the fact that these have two steps in one is ideal. 

This one from Bioderma (ad-aff) gives me a beautiful glow that I get complimented on when I wear it and knowing that I have a light coverage with the protection of SPF 50 in it makes it a summer staple. 

The only thing about this is the shade range is rubbish (it only has one shade), which is a shame as this product is amazing otherwise!

Stila Magnum XXX Mascara


If I could only bring one makeup product to a desert island, it would be mascara. As someone who has naturally long but pale lashes, I feel a little lost if I'm not wearing mascara!

I have many favourites on the go, but I'm currently using this one from Stila (ad-aff). If you like a mascara that packs a punch with a big brush and intense black colour, as well as leaving your lashes looking so fluttery you might take off, then you'll love this mascara. 

I do get a small amount of fallout with this under my eyes, but my eyelids get quite oily, so if yours are okay then this should last well on you. I can forgive this though as the drama I get with this mascara gives me that false lash effect I adore. 

Essence All About Matte Fixing Powder


I love glowy skin, but mine can sometimes start to resemble more of a sweaty sheen by the end of a summer's day. 

Applying a light layer of pressed translucent powder to my T zone soon solves this problem, and the Essence All About Matte Fixing Powder (ad-aff) does such a fantastic job. I've recently purchased another one as mine decided to have an accident whilst in my makeup bag, but this has firmly become my all-time favourite powder, beating my previous favourite, the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. 

For me, translucent powder beats any other type of powder every time, as it works on many skin tones, provides as little or as much mattifying as you like, and doesn't cake the skin. 

Stila Convertible Colour in Lillium


I'm currently having a bit of a love affair with cream products, in particular, cream blushes. I just find they melt into the skin so beautifully, giving the perfect natural flush to the skin. 

I also find cream products work so much better as multipurpose products as they can blend really well on the eyes and lips. The Stila Convertible Colour in Lillium (ad-aff) is a beautiful apricot blush that, with a small amount, leaves the skin with subtle colour. I find that it's a bit too light in colour for my lips but creates a beautiful creamy soft look on the eyes, and this is a great multi-tasker making it a staple when I travel. 

Stila Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadow in Kitten Karma


Speaking of cream products on the eyes, in the summer I find myself reaching for these kinds of products to apply to my eyes more and more. 

If I'm going out in the evening in the summer, I normally go for bronze, golden, or glittery cream eyeshadow, as teamed with summer golden hour lighting, it can help create the perfect look. I also love how easily cream products blend out without looking messy, and the Stila Liquid Eyeshadows are some of the best I've tried. I particularly love the Glitter and Glow shadow in Kitten Karma (ad-aff), as the copper tones and silver sparkle reflect both natural and indoor light for an eye-catching look. 

CYO Two Clever By Half Lipstick and liner in Rainmaker


As the evenings get lighter, so do my lipsticks. The berry shades are retired for the season, and the pinks and oranges come out to play. 

I also play around more with gloss finishes that bounce the light off the lips, shelving the matte lipsticks for the winter. At the moment, the CYO Two Clever By Half Lipstick and liner in Rainmaker is one of my go-to's, with its orange nude shade giving the lips a light sheen with its gloss finish. 

Their products are really affordable yet great quality and the fact that you get two products in one is a real bonus for travelling. 


What are your fave summer makeup essentials? 


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