13 July 2020

The Rise of the Lockdown Outfit Photos

Georgie Minter-Brown

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At the start of lockdown, the blogging and content creator world seemed to take on that GIF of a confused looking John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Everyone was confined to their four walls and whatever outside space they had, and the opportunities that everyone had for creating content, from going out bulk shooting with their photographer to getting your family, friends or our other halves to take a cute photo of you while out and about completely dried up. 

It seemed in particular to hit those who focused on fashion the most. Those perfectly coordinated Instagram feeds editorial style blog posts and beautifully shot videos were left hanging in the balance. 

Now I'm by no means saying that this is the worst thing to happen due to COVID. The deaths, anxiety about the future, unemployment and hit to the economy have been truly awful. But during a time of such extreme sadness and worry, it was positive to notice how everyone started to adapt to our new way of life. It showed strength in carrying on, even if it was something so small as outfit photos!

Georgie Minter-Brown

As I looked at the upcoming content I had planned, I was really undecided as to whether I could feasibly post any fashion content for the foreseeable future. 

I normally have a backup of photos taken with friends when I'm out and about in London, and it started to get to the point where I was running low. So I turned to the creators I look up to, to see what they were doing about capturing their outfits. 

Seeing as not everyone has other halves who are photographers helping them continue to create content within homes and gardens, it was interesting to start to see them venturing into mirror selfies and using their homes as their backgrounds rather than city streets and beautiful travel destinations. 

I plucked up the courage to do the same, which was quite something for me as my house isn't the most Instagrammable as we're currently in the middle of having a major home renovation all whilst living at home. 

But to my surprise, I actually saw a spike in my engagement and followers. It seemed like with everyone stuck at home on their phones more and in similar situations, that this more relatable content was causing more people to double-tap on a photo. 

It was also such a joy to see others growing too, as well as everyone coming together more in the comments and DM's to give each other support at such a difficult time. 

Georgie Minter-Brown

I've also found that having more time at home to spend on my content has given me a boost in creativity! I've been making the most of it and I'm practically shooting new content every day! I've found it really relaxing, and has definitely helped pass the time during the lockdown. 

One thing that I'm really curious about, is whether this will continue when everything completely opens up again! Will we continue to be inspired by relatable DIY content, or will we be running back to the beautifully curated, picture-perfect content pre-lockdown? Or, another option is that we'll embrace both! 

For me personally, I'll be embracing both, as I feel like this relatable style content really helped me escape from my own lockdown woes as I could see others going through similar things to myself. It's definitely shown me that you don't need to hire a fancy photographer to be successful when creating content and that you can be just as creative from the comfort of your own home. 

Georgie Minter-Brown


I would love to know your thoughts on this! Are you a content creator that has had to adapt their way of producing photos? Or are you a consumer of social media, and if so, what type of photography style do you prefer? 



  1. I agree with the fact that people like to see relatable content! It's crazy how much engagement my selfies get over more professionally shot photos!

    Find Your Dazzle

    1. Yes I agree! I think more relatable content is here to stay...

  2. In the end, mirror selfies aren't that bad! ;-)
    I found some lost, super blurred snaps from the 2015.

    xoxo and stay safe