26 May 2020

My Favourite Podcasts

My Favourite Podcasts
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Podcasts have taken over the online world by storm, and by now most people include them in one of their favourite pastimes. You can listen while doing pretty much anything - I like to consume mine in the bath, while commuting, in the car and also while I do household chores. 

When I'm listening to podcasts, they make the time fly by (not so good when you're in the bath, you are in danger of turning into a prune), and also help me to get completely lost in them and forget about my everyday worries for a while. 

After a few years of being podcast obsessed, I thought it high time that I put together my own little list of my favourite podcasts. You may have heard of them, while some may be new discoveries for you, but I hope you find one that you love as much as I do! I've split them up into categories so you can really see how wide-ranging my taste is!



Co-hosted by the ex-editor of Glamour, Jo Elvin and writer, James Williams, this podcast is unlike many of the other interview podcasts out there, as it really gets the guests to talk about things they may not normally do in traditional interviews. 

Questions starting with "Is it just me or..." are thrown into the chat and debated upon, and feature a lot of unpopular opinions that some of us may be thinking! I just adore the honesty of this podcast, and how it makes me laugh at some of the truths that come to light from our favourite celebrities. 


I didn't expect to love this as much as I did! Each week, the special guest talks through six of the best pieces of advice they've been given, and I'm always surprised to learn something each episode.  

Regardless of who the guest is, I always feel like I'm getting little tidbits of advice from a friend over a glass of wine, and I normally find myself thinking about that advice for a while after the episode has finished. 



After taking a little break, Lola Hoad is back with some new episodes of this podcast, but I highly recommend you scrolling back through the archives as there are some real gems in some of the older episodes. 

Lola shares her journey to becoming a self-employed business owner, something that really reflects with my own working situation, and also every so often interviews other amazing women in business. I again love the openness of what is discussed. Being self-employed isn't plain sailing and this really highlights the ups and downs. 


I've been a long-time fan of Emma Gannon, and so when she started her podcast I knew I'd love it. 

With her guests, she covers many different job industries as well as throwing in some blog talk too, and I love how her discussions blur the lines between blogging and traditional media probably thanks to her own journey through journalism and blogging. I think this podcast has something for everyone. 


I consider Sara Tasker one of the top people in her field, and along with the fantastic guests she gets on, this is great for those who might have less conventional businesses such as bloggers or creatives. 

As well as essential info such as mastering Pinterest, Instagram, and building a community on your platforms, I feel like this podcast gives confidence to creatives, especially those just starting out on their journey. It's definitely helped me not just with my blogging but with marketing myself as an actor too. 



Even though this does include special guests, I find I listen to this more for the beauty talk. Hosts Rachel Jones and Nicola Bonn cover such interesting general topics such as beauty habits, new skincare hacks and makeup guides as well as more unspoken subjects like vaginal health, ageing, plastic surgery and mental health. 

The girls also set beauty challenges for each other, normally resulting in them trying out new things so we don't have to, as well as giving their beauty recommendations. I always get such great advice from listening to this podcast and love the fun atmosphere the girls create, especially when talking about heavier subjects as it makes for much easier listening. 


Even though this is a Canadian podcast, I find that the US and Canadian beauty brands featured normally end up over in the UK quite soon after, meaning this is great for getting the lowdown on new brands on the market. 

I like that this podcast doesn't always stick to a theme, rather it goes with the flow, something I'm not always keen on, but I think I let this one off because I find every single episode I listen to super interesting. 



This was one of the first podcasts I ever subscribed to. Erika Vieira has a wealth of knowledge of Youtube, especially the beauty community, and mixes up the episodes with tips and how-tos, as well as interviews with people in the Youtube community. 

The advice that comes out of this podcasts is suitable to help those who are just starting out as well as long-time Youtubers who want to up their game, so if you feel like you're in a bit of a Youtube rut, then give this a listen. 



Another Canadian podcast, but this time covering my fave podcast genre: true crime. Each season covers a new crime, normally a missing person case, and investigative journalist David Ridgen follows the case and tries to uncover what happened to them. 

I love that you get updates from previous seasons if anything new comes to light, so you don't get annoyed that there isn't always a resolution. I also think the way this is recorded, through recording everything real-time, makes it so much more exciting and gives it that documentary vibe. 


This was the first podcast that got me into true crime podcasts and remains a favourite to this day. Karen & Georgia pick out a new true crime to tell each week, covering well-known serial killers to smaller, more obscure cases. They also record their live shows, as well as mini-episodes where listeners can write in with their hometown crimes. 

The thing that makes this podcast so special is how hilarious these two are. They have created the perfect mix of light and dark with this, making this so much more enjoyable to listen to. They are a true double act, and I think they helped kickstart the true crime obsession that is still going strong today.  



This one is essential for any actors out there. Coming from the home of UK casting, this podcast covers everything from behind the scenes at Spotlight, performer admin, safety within the industry and mental health for actors as well as practical advice about showreels, self-tapes, creating your own work, headshots and accents. 

I particularly love the episodes that feature casting directors, as I'm sure I'm not the only actor curious about how casting directors think and make decisions that get actors seen for jobs. 



This one is such a classic, and so unique you just have to give it a listen if you haven't already. 

James, Jamie & Alice sit down and read through Jamie's dad's porno creation, Belinda Blinked. The amateur writing and strange plots have me belly laughing, and the commentary from these three makes it even more hilarious. I love how much of a success this has been, and you won't find another podcast like this!


What are your favourite podcasts? 


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