18 May 2020

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20

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Everyone has a handful of favourite beauty products that have made their way to holy-grail status, the products that are on a repeat buy and that have earned their place in our beauty cupboards. 

In times of trouble, these are the products we reach for that we know we can rely on to do the job without letting us down. 

It's even better when these products don't cost the earth, and as much as I'm a lover of more luxury products that do the job, I also have some favourites that are more budget-friendly. 

After spending many of my younger years scouring the high street pharmacies, I've managed to put together a list of my all-time favourite budget skincare, makeup, body care and hair care that I turn back to time and time again. Some are old faves, some are new, but the beauty of them all is that they all cost under £20. 

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20



I don't get spots very often, but when I do, I want them gone pronto! I used to use just regular tea tree oil which works really well, but then I discovered this spot treatment and was seriously impressed with the results. 

This reduces the size and swelling of the spot without leaving any scarring, and I normally find if I apply this gel overnight, the spot is all but gone by the morning. Just be sure to peel the protective layer it leaves off before leaving the house as otherwise, it looks like your skin is peeling!

This facial spray is a great eco toner and hydrating spray, which calms the skin after cleansing and also great for pick-me-ups throughout the day. 

The mist it creates is the perfect amount, without being too forceful or too weak, and smells like a traditional English garden (even though it's a Canadian company). 

IT'S SKIN POWER 10 SERUMS (ad-aff)* £15.50

I've actually struggled to find really good budget serums that don't flare up my skin, but the It's Skin serums do a fantastic job without breaking the bank. 

Particular faves of mine include the VC & VE ones, as they practically melt into the skin while giving me a moisture boost. I love using them in the summer and on holiday especially as the formula is very light. 


These micellar waters are a budget fave for many, and it's clear why. They are really effective at removing makeup (even some of my stubborn waterproof eye makeup) without stripping the skin raw, and the results truly rival some of my more expensive waters. 

As I have sensitive skin, I find that both the Milky and Rose (ad-aff) work really well with my skin, and I'm pretty confident that these waters will feature in my beauty cupboard for many years to come. 


A favourite for the eco-friendly crowd, these lip scrubs are super effective at removing dead skin from your lips to leave them silky smooth without irritating them. 

Their flavours all taste so good (the cocktail flavours like Straw Daiquiri are my favourites) and it's an added bonus that they are vegan, cruelty-free, and use recycled materials in their plastic-free packaging! 

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20



For me, the perfect nude lip colour consists of a mix of a nude brown with a slight hint of orangey-pink in it. Time and time again I try out new lip colours but I always find myself coming back to this one, and I think that is testament to how much of a staple it is for me. 

Combined with a lovely creamy formula that lasts surprisingly well, this is definitely one to add to your nude lippy collection!


My ride-or-die when it comes to brow products. Nothing makes my brows look as good as this, and the shade Light Brown is the perfect match for me. 

The creamy formula is buildable yet can be manipulated to give you whatever style of brow you like: whether you like a really full brow or a light subtle one. I'm a huge fan of the skinny long tip as you can really get in close and create amazing hair-like strokes. It also stays all day, and only by the end of the day do I start to lose a bit of definition around the thicker part. 

It's nearer to the £20 mark than similar products, but I think it's personally worth the money and I'm yet to find a cheaper dupe. 

If you're looking for a Mary Loumanizer dupe that is a little cheaper, then this is pretty close. This gives amazing sparkle to the high points of your face in that champagne gold that a lot of us love. 

I find this still looks natural on the skin, but can definitely be built up for more of an impact. and will be a staple in my makeup collection for many years to come. 


I'm a bit of a nail polish hoarder, and always have a weak spot for buying new ones. I came across Jessica nail polishes a little while ago, and they have made their way into my top nail polish brands.

They have such gorgeous colours with a really good staying power, and I normally find new colour shades I've never tried before among their collections. I'm a huge fan of their base and top coats - they are honestly some of the best I've tried from a budget brand. 


For many years, I've been on the hunt for the perfect blush. I've dabbled in blue-toned blushes but soon came to realise that it made me look more tomato salad than subtly flushed...for me, an orange-based shade is much more flattering on my skin!

I had spent ages in love with NARS Gina, which isn't the cheapest, but then the Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium came into my life and at nearly £10 cheaper, it's definitely the way forward. 

I love the flexibility of this product - I can choose to wear it on my cheeks, my lips or even my eyelids for a wet-look shadow, meaning this is the ideal travel-friendly product. 


When it comes to powders, choosing which one was a real toss-up between my old fave the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and this new fave discovery, but this won out mainly because the quality of this is a lot better. Those who have owned the Rimmel powder will know how ridiculously flimsy its packaging is, I think every one I've owned has always ended up with the lid cracking and disintegrating meaning I have to store the powder in a plastic bag!

I'm also a fan of this because of its staying power (this keeps shine at bay until the late afternoon if I've applied this in the morning) and for the translucent shade that settles into the skin really well.  


This mascara feels like an old friend as it's seen me through many rushed makeup routines when I'm late, as well as helping me get away with not wearing false lashes on a night out. 

The buildability of this beats some of the more luxury mascaras I own, and it doesn't clog the lashes up while still giving them the length and volume I like. It's one I didn't expect to love as much as I do, and it's now a staple in my makeup collection. 


No real surprise with this one, I bang on about it enough! But when it comes to a reliable concealer that covers up my dark circles, moisturises the sensitive skin around my eyes and stays put, no budget concealer has beaten this as of yet. 

I've also had this for a while and even though I've been using this consistently for a long while I've only made a small dent in it! A little goes a long way. 

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20



My holy-grail body lotion that will always be on my shopping list. Nothing tackles my eczema like this, and it also makes for a great multiple-purpose cream that I can use all over my body. 

Compared to other budget body lotions, it is pricey, but a little goes a long way and I find a big bottle like this normally lasts me at least 6 months. 


One of the few tanning products I've used that doesn't smell of biscuits (thank god) and that allows me to tan without worrying too much about streaks and transfer. 

There are probably better tans out there for the seasoned tanner, but for a lazy one like me, this gives me such a gorgeous glow and allows me to apply, get dressed and head out the door in no time at all. Also, my bottle has lasted a long while since I first purchased it, so you really get value for money. 


I've been using Baylis & Harding for many years now, and have been lucky enough to have been working with them over my blogging career. They are without a doubt one of my favourite brands when it comes to soaps. 

They always lather up so well, don't dry my hands out and come in the most amazing scents. I'm currently trying out their Goodness range which centres around creating natural skincare without harming the planet, and they've achieved this by being dermatologically approved, use 98% naturally derived ingredients, are vegan and use 100% recycled materials in their packaging. 

So if you're after sustainable budget soaps that still give you a hint of luxury, then definitely check out this range, the Lemongrass and Ginger fragrance reminds me of Thailand!


Having a shower gel smelling almost good enough to eat in my opinion makes your washing experience all the better, and I've been a long time fan of Lush's gels, and more recently, their jellies. 

I always find they lather up so well, and leave the skin with some moisture in it, rather than stripping it bare, and a little goes a long away. I'm particularly a fan of the sweetness of Snow Fairy (no surprise there), the freshness of Dirty Springwash* and the citrus zing of Whoosh which also seems to last forever!

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20

Best Budget Beauty Products Under £20



Having sensitive skin has resulted in me also suffering from dandruff (aren't I lucky), and over the years I've tried many anti-dandruff shampoos but this is the one that has stood out to me. 

As well as the amazing price, this is super effective while being gentle on my scalp and now I only need to use this once a week as a treatment, so it's really improved it longterm. 


One of my all-time favourite haircare ranges - over the years I've tried a lot of products from this range and I always find myself coming back to it time and time again. 

My hair loves coconut oil, and this no-fuss range gives the silky-smooth results I like, without weighing my hair down. It also smells unbelievably yummy, and I always get compliments after using the shampoo and conditioner together. 

One word I can use to describe this product? Lush (can you tell I've been rewatching Gavin & Stacey)! 

This leaves my hair silky-smooth, so much so that my hair can't stay up in a bun for the first day! This is one product that really does what it says on the front label, as it leaves my ends looking healthy, almost as if I've had a fresh haircut - something I've been trying to recreate seeing as I won't be seeing my lovely hairdresser any time soon...


It's been so much fun rummaging through my beauty cupboards to uncover the budget beauty products I know I'll return to time and time again. I'd love to know yours, as I'm always after new products to try. 


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