16 September 2019

Timeless Transitional Pieces I Wear Every Year

Timeless Transitional Pieces I Wear Every Year

After the end of summer, the weather seems to go through this weird phase where it could be pretty cool one day, and then glorious sunshine the next. The joys of dressing for the start of autumn entail us having to make decisions on our outfits we may regret: will the jumper I wear be too thick? Will going without tights result in me having permanent goosebumps the whole day? Is it time for a coat yet or am I going to be hauling it around all day as it's too warm? 

Figuring out what clothing to wear to transition between summer to autumn can always be a bit of a nightmare, but I've found that sticking to some classics always sees me through one way or another. With these transitional pieces, I'm able to tailor my outfits to work in hot or cold climates, meaning that if the sun suddenly breaks through the clouds halfway through the day, I'm not left dressed like I'm ready for a snowstorm.

Timeless Transitional Pieces I Wear Every Year

Timeless Transitional Pieces I Wear Every Year


Choosing a blazer or light jacket (like a denim jacket for instance) over a big coat has always worked in my favour in the past as it means I can have an extra layer when the temperature drops, but light enough to carry around or pop in a back if it gets warmer. 

Depending on what I'm doing or where I'm going, I can choose a denim jacket for a more casual everyday look, or go for a blazer like I have here to smarten things up. This one from Topshop is super light which made going between the cool evening air and the hot sweaty underground a breeze!

Timeless Transitional Pieces I Wear Every Year

Timeless Transitional Pieces I Wear Every Year


For quite a long time, I didn't own a single light jumper and I'm not sure how I survived. Light knits make transitioning between summer and autumn so much easier, as you can pop this on over whatever you're wearing and not have to worry about looking too bulky in loads of layers. In winter, I find it a bit more acceptable to bulk up but when the temperatures in London are still averaging the low 20's, I normally find myself a sweaty mess if I'm in anything too thick. 

I've found myself popping this Joanie jumper over things that are a bit more summery (which I'll go into in a minute), as I can again pop it off if things get too hot while keeping me looking a bit more seasonal especially if I'm going to an event.

Timeless Transitional Pieces I Wear Every Year

Timeless Transitional Pieces I Wear Every Year


As I mentioned above, pairing a summer dress, skirt or short combo with a light jumper makes for a great transitional outfit and also lets you get a bit more use out of your summer wardrobe before you have to put it away until next year. This works particularly well if you're going to be out all-day somewhere, and the daytime temperatures are looking positively summery but the evening ones a bit chillier. 

I originally picked this summer dress up from Depop for my holiday last week and found myself wearing it none stop. Just because I'm back in the UK, I haven't let this stop me wear this dress thanks to what I wear with it. I wore this outfit to an LFW event and found myself slipping off the jumper while there and just having the blazer over my shoulders as it was so hot at the venue, and then being able to layer up again on the walk back to the tube station. 

Timeless Transitional Pieces I Wear Every Year


Ah, the ankle boot. A love affair I don't see getting over any time soon, mainly because I can put them with most things and they look so darn good. Never has it been more acceptable to put together an outfit involving a summer dress and ankle boots than during this transitional time. 

These Topshop ones are a bit of a dupe for the Chloe Susanna boots and the western style along with the pointy toe makes them ideal to wear with your legs out as they are so flattering.



What are your favourite pieces of clothing to wear to transition from summer to autumn?



  1. I love wearing a blazer in the autumn, especially with a skirt and boots - just looks so put together and not too heavy when the weather is slightly warm.

    Alicia x | https://lifeofalicialouise.home.blog/

  2. Me too! Blazers and boots, even thou UK weather requires already parkas and raincoats :/

    1. Aha yes that's the only downside British autumn sometimes...