16 May 2019

Top Spring Beauty Releases

Top Spring Beauty Releases

Contains gifted items and affiliate links

As we slowly get into the warmer months and sunnier days (I'm not completely convinced yet as today we had a load of thunderstorms), I always start to cast my eye to the internet on the lookout for new releases or new products to try. 

I've been trying out a load of products since the start of spring and have collected a couple of favourites that I couldn't wait to tell you about. 

Last year, I did a similar post to this completely dedicated to makeup I'd been trying, but this time I thought I'd hand-pick some of my faves from across the board, including skincare, makeup and some haircare. 

These have all very kindly been gifted to me but as always, my honest opinions are all my own. 


I normally end up getting a good mix of products to try out from brands, but I've found this spring has been super heavy on the skincare, which goes along with the trend that looking after your skin is more important than what you put on top of it. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know I'm all about micellar waters, and when I find one that I love, I stick to it!

Sesderma Sensyses Liposomal Classic Cleanser

I tried out the Sensyses Liposomal Classic Cleanser from Sesderma at the start of this year to give my skin a bit of TLC after the festive season and loved the results. My skin was super sensitive at the time, and I found it didn't aggravate any eczema I had or bring up any more. 

You can use this on your eyes, but my eyes did flare up a little when I used this (my eyes are extremely sensitive so this may work better on you than it did with me). However, I like to use different, slightly stronger, micellar waters on my face to help get rid of any dirt or stubborn makeup, and this is perfect for that!

As well as cleaning the skin, this cleanser also heals and encourages the production of collagen thanks to it's two main ingredients: Panthenol, which turns into Vitamin B5 in the body to improve the health of your skin, and Soybean, which keeps up the skin's moisture.

Love Henri Beautiful Rose Facial Oil

I've recently been in a bit of an on-off relationship with serums, as I found that some of the ingredients in the ones I was using were flaring up my eczema. Luckily, this wasn't the case with the Love Henri Beautiful Rose Facial Oil

It's new knowledge to me that rose is fantastic at treating eczema and bringing down inflammation, and since then I've been trying to include more rose based products in my skincare routine. 

This facial oil, created by renowned UK-based aromatherapist Henrietta Cassar, incorporates wild rosehip (another great ingredient that helps heal eczema), rose and neroli to help nourish the skin and keep it moisturised for longer. 

I found myself reaching for this a lot, mainly because of how lightweight this is. When applied to the skin, this sinks in really quickly but doesn't feel like I've blocked up my pores with the product. It leaves only a small amount of residue on the surface of the skin too, meaning that it works in harmony with whatever moisturiser I apply on top rather than trying to overpower it. 

Ayumi Sandalwood Facial Scrub

I don't use face scrubs a huge amount (as you can imagine, scrubs aren't really eczema's best friend), but when I do, I like to head down the more natural route. I'm already a fan of Ayumi body products, so when they brought out a face range with the star ingredient being Sandalwood, I jumped at the chance to try some products. 

The face scrub is completely different to any scrub I've tried before as the particles in this are tiny! This makes this scrub an almost even mix of scrub, cleanser and moisturiser, allowing the oils in this to hydrate the skin. 

I'm trying to reduce the number of products I use containing palm oil in them, and I was really happy to see that this contains Babassu oil in it, which is a great sustainable alternative to palm oil. This is also packed with jojoba oil, cocoa and shea butter to keep skin silky smooth after the scrub has lifted away any impurities. 

I only use this occasionally when I feel like my skin needs it, as I still find this scrub a little harsh on my sensitive skin, but when I do I use very light sweeping motions. 

Erborian Magic Transformask

For the evenings when I want a bit of a pamper, then I've been cracking out the face masks. I like when masks are easy to use, or a little bit different and one of my faves has been the Erborian Magic Transformask

I've had so much fun using this! This shimmery pink gel goes onto the skin for 10 minutes while herbs such as tiger grass, rosemary and liquorice root soothe the skin (again, my eczema has loved this) and trap any dirt buildup. As this mask gets to work, it slowly turns into a powder on the skin to refine pores. Then, when you wash it off, it turns into a milky film which leaves a pearly glow on the skin! 

This is perfect to use before an evening out, as it really revitalises the skin as well as giving you a glowy base for your makeup. I've also been using this before bed so I wake up looking refreshed. 


I think that we can all agree that when we find a hair product we like, we stick to it like glue. I normally end up falling in love with a whole brand- if I end up liking more than a few products from one place I normally buy other products from them at a later date, more so than I do with skincare and makeup brands. Don't ask me why - I have no idea!

Schwarzkopf #OhMyNude range

 One brand I've fallen in love with over the past year is Schwarzkopf. Ever since I started to see their hairsprays popping up in the kits of hairstylists on film sets, I've been hooked on their products. When they very kindly sent over some of their #OhMyNude range to try I gave a little squeal of excitement. 

In the range, you have the Silky Done Detangling Spray, Air Does It Foam Spray, and the Oh So Natural Flexible Hairspray. I've been using the first two products the most, saving the hairspray for when I heat style my hair on occasion. This one is just as fab as some of the hairstylist faves from the brand and leaves hair held without any tacky or hard bits on your hair. 

As for the other two products, they have become my hero products for my hair. I've started to air-dry my hair a lot more now, letting it dry completely or finishing it off with a hairdryer. The foam spray has worked wonders when I air-dry it, as it stops most of the fly-aways and frizz I normally get. My hair drys curly, and I find this defines my curls and stops them looking dishevelled or in need of a good brush through. It also doesn't slow down my drying time, something I've found with similar products. 

The detangler is a godsend- when I do use a hairdryer, I pop this on along with a heat-defence and I find my hair drying experience a lot more enjoyable rather than having to tackle a crazy amount of knots. When I use this, any knots disappear after a few strokes of my brush rather than having to hack away at them!


I've been loving having glowing skin this year (as you can tell from the amount of skincare I've talked about in this post alone) and that has also reflected in the makeup I've been trying out. 

Sienna X Illuminator Duo

A miracle product that has found its way into my makeup bag is this illuminator duo from Sienna X. Being a tan brand, Sienna X know all about that sunkissed glow, and they've made the move into makeup with some fab brow products. 

This product has been created to define the brow arch, a look I personally love, and they have the two essentials you need in one stick: a matte concealer to create a base and a dewy highlighter to brighten the area. I love that the champagne highlighter isn't too in your face, rather creating a more subtle, natural glow. I've also found the concealer great on my eyelids as an eyeshadow base, meaning the colour blends in nicely from the lid all the way to the brow bone. 

Mii Cosmetics highlighter in Leading Lady

I've been pairing this with a new highlighter from Mii Cosmetics called Leading Lady. Again, this highlighter leaves a subtle pinky-golden glow to my skin, making it perfect for the warmer months when you want the skin to look more sun-kissed. 

The formula is beautiful- turning slightly creamy on the skin to make the finish all the more natural, and you don't get a huge amount of fallout when using this either. They've also brought out two more shades to compliment Leading Lady that I can't wait to try!

Mii Cosmetics Forever Eye Colour Crayon in Burnt Copper

To complement the glow of my skin, I've been bringing that onto my eyes with warmer colours like this Forever Eye Colour Crayon in Burnt Copper, also from Mii. This gives my eyes a subtle colour, which I've been blending all over the lid or applying in the crease when I'm using other cream shadows. 

This crayon allows me to create hassle-free eye looks that look like I've put a lot more effort in when it's only taken me a couple of minutes to use! This blends beautifully, especially with your fingers, and fades really well over time without creasing. It definitely doesn't last as long as some of my other cream shadows, but it's still a fab product. 

Jessica Nails Tea Party collection, in Blueberry Cream and Pumpkin Spice

Lastly, I've fallen back in love with doing my nails again. After the festive season, I always feel a bit uninspired with what colours to use but as soon as the spring shades start to appear I just want to put all the pastel shades on my nails! 

Here are a few faves from Jessica's Tea Party collection. I've been particularly loving Blueberry Cream, which is the perfect sky blue and will look perfect pretty much all year round. I find these last really well on my nails if you're not going to be using your hands much, and their base coat and top coat keeps chips away for longer. 

Even though the brush is quite small, I found it really easy to apply with only one to two coats needed, and I'm in love with the handle which is slightly tapered and squared off, making it easy to grip. 


There are always so many products being released at this time of year, but I just wanted to share a few that caught my eye or that I tried for the first time! I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if any of these have caught your eye. 



  1. Ohh these all look absolutely amazing! I LOVE the Erborian mask - their products are always amazing! x


    1. Ah thank you lovely! Me too, can't get enough of it x