4 February 2017

The Year Ahead...

The Year Ahead...

Hey everyone, and hello February! The time this year already seems to be flying, or is that just me? It honestly doesn't feel like I've got a firm grip on 2017 yet, but I think this year is going to be like that all the way through for reasons that I'm going to touch on in this post. Because this year is no ordinary year...

I have already done a video on this, so if you would prefer to see my chat about it just scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch it. I just felt that I needed to cover the subject on here too, as I know that my Youtube channel doesn't always get as much reach as this blog does. If you do want to come over and say hi, you can subscribe to my channel here

As you may have noticed by content has been very erratic lately. This is due to a number of things that have happened and that are going to happen. At the end of January, the theatre school I work at put on their big show, which took a lot of preparation and a tonne of boxes of costumes being stored in our house! Our home essentially became show central, and you had hardly woken up before being asked a show-related question! 

I've also been preparing for something very exciting. I'm going to be travelling around New Zealand and South East Asia for 5 months! As you can imagine this has taken a lot of planning and time, and it will also mean the type of content I'll be posting will be very different. There will be a lot more travel being brought in, something I'm extremely excited to start doing! I'll still keep posting about fashion, beauty and a bit of acting too, but it will all be tailored around travel and will feature some pretty spectacular locations!

This trip is going to be a trip of a lifetime, and even though I'm going to document it as much as possible, I'm also going to be taking the time to appreciate my surroundings. So what will that mean for my content? I will still be uploading, but this will all depend on internet speeds and availability. 

Even though I have ideas for content, I of course would love your input. What sort of things would you like to see? Do you prefer montage or talking vlogs? I'm thinking of doing lots of itineraries of what we did, my feelings on backpacking and fashion & beauty ideas when you're on the road. Drop me a message or comment below!

This is going to be an exciting time, and I can't wait to share it with you all :)




  1. enjoy your trip
    i will come to check out details,

    im just starting following you on GFC


  2. I am interested to hear your input on beauty and fashion with travel. That's super excited to travel to New Zealand, that's someplace I would love to travel to someday as well.

    1. So glad! They'll be lots of content coming up about it soon :) It's such a beautiful place