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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

I got taken to a festival.

I had to let that sink in for a very long while when I got the invitation. A company wanted to take little old me to a festival. This was something I didn’t think would happen, and if it did, when I was a much bigger blogger than I am now. But no, the invitation was there and there was nothing that was going to stop me going, not even a swollen foot (more on that later).


So I trundled off to the first day of British Summer Time with Outside Organisation and the following lovely bloggers: 

Lois from Bunnipunch
Amy from Vintage Reflection
Ella from Ella Masters
Jai'me from Boy Meets Fashion
Leigh from Fox and Feather
Natasha from Graphique Fantastique


On the day I hadn't actually heard of any of the artists playing, so I was going in with an open mind, and actually discovered some fantastic bands! One of them was Shura, an electropop band with a love for synthesisers, and TV On The Radio, an American indie rock band who reminded me a lot of Bloc Party.

I was really impressed with how much there was to do there too! My previous (and only) experience of festivals were food and beer tents and that's about it. But as well as the food and beer tents, which were actually very reasonably priced, some of the sponsors had some pop ups there including Coca-Cola and their GIF making machines, Barclaycard and their Music Bot, Playstation and their intimate gig setting (basically you got to play Playstation while listening to some of the acts in a tiny tent), Deliveroo and their competition to win free food, and a silent rave!


Dressing for events like festivals are one of my fave things about the whole experience! However, this time, my outfit choices were a little limited. The day before I had woken up with my right foot twice the size it normally is and incredibly painful to walk on. After having to cancel some of my birthday plans that evening, I was determined that I wouldn't miss the festival the next day. So I wore my sturdiest boots from Timberland to protect my foot from being trampled on too much in the crowds.

Mitre House Hotel
easyhotel Paddington
Point A Hotel
Comfort Inn Hyde Park

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

 I then had to tailor the rest of my outfit around my shoe option, which was a little trickier than I thought it would be. I wanted to rock a crazy festival outfit, but still look acceptable for the train journey home, one of the many conundrums of dressing for a city festival! And with the weather being so erratic over the past few months in the UK, I knew I couldn't wear anything too skimpy in case the sun went in, the temperature dropped and the heavens opened. Luckily we only had a shower or two, and this outfit combo was perfect at keeping me cool when the sun was out and warm in the evening. 

This New Look culotte jumpsuit definitely helped with that. Cropped with frayed edges and cutouts at the side kept me from feeling too covered, while the thick denim kept me warm later on. I've honestly been wearing this so much, it's just a great transitional piece to layer with this vintage jacket of my mum's! 

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

As I was doing other things in the morning that day, I needed a good bag to carry all my bits in, and this Fjallraven bag is perfect for that! Again, I've been loving the practicality of this bag. You may recognise this as one of the much loved Kanken backpacks, famous for being stylish but also reduce back pain and strain. This is the Kanken No. 2 model, a special edition Kanken all in black with leather details. It sits perfectly on my back, and feels so light even though I may have everything except the kitchen sink in there! It's also the perfect bag to take travelling with you or for outside activities as it's waterproof and it's thick material means in can take a beating. They are released next month so keep an eye out for them!

I added a pop of colour with my Lookmate socks, which were thick enough to fit inside my boots but didn't pinch my foot. If you don't know how much I love socks...where have you been?! This pair fitted perfectly in with my already huge collection. Lookmate is a unisex brand and has some awesome designs! The pair I'm wearing are called Jungle Fever and were designed by Austrian designer Daniel Triendl. 

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival
I found a ladybug on my bag!

Sunglasses wise, I wore my new pair from Pala. I honestly never fail to bring them out with me, they have become my new staple! Pala is like the Toms of the sunglasses world, donating glasses and proceeds to vision projects in Africa with every purchase. This is a startup brand that I'm really passionate about, and the quality of their glasses are amazing. This design is actually from the unisex collection, and remind me so much of a pair of Ray-Bans I've had my eye on! Even the cases are woven by people living in Ghana out of recycled plastic bags.

A few finishing touches to my outfit included this Topshop neckerchief and this custom Tatty Devine name necklace! If you haven't seen their name customization service, you need to check it out! You can choose the colour, font, and charm, and the delivery is super quick! 

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

Dressing For A City Festival

Topshop Scarf (similar)
Vintage Jacket
Timberland Boots (similar)

I had the best time at British Summer Time in Hyde Park! Thank you to Outside Organisation for taking me :) have any of you been to British Summer Time, and how do you dress for a city festival?

Photos c/o Lois


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  1. Love this look, especially your shoes!

    Anika |

  2. Such a gorgeous look! I love your sunglasses :)
    Ambar | Her Little Loves

  3. I really love your jacket
    This look really looks good on you


  4. Amazing look hunny! That jacket is so cool!! I cant even <3
    Kinga xxx


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