13 June 2016

How I'm Changing My Blogging Mojo

How I'm Changing My Blogging Mojo

I’ve been thinking it’s time for a bit of change.

This month, I’ll be celebrating my 3rd blogging birthday. I still can’t quite believe that I’ve been writing nonsense on this little part of the internet for that long, but here we are. 2016. I never thought I would be where I am today, and even though I may not have gained major online success (never my intention really anyway), I definitely feel I’ve achieved a lot. 

But the blogging world has changed in a big way over the past three years. When I started, it was all about posting regularly, ideally daily, and getting your content seen that way. Now, it's more about the quality of your work, not the quantity, and networking the hell out of the industry! This change seems to have happened almost overnight, slowly creeping up on us and taking hold in one go, taking many by surprise. I've seen many bloggers and influencer's numbers drop and some swell well into the hundreds of thousands and, sometimes, millions!

So it's time to adapt. Change is good after all. I really love blogging and making my Youtube videos, and want to continue doing it alongside my acting, so I came up with a game plan that I'll be enforcing over the next few weeks, months and years to change up my blogging mojo. 


To be honest I have had a love/hate relationship with my schedule. I've managed to keep to my Youtube schedule quite successfully, but my blog schedule... not so much. But I've noticed not many people pay attention to schedules anymore; it's more about posting amazing top-notch content whenever you want. People will find your content and be more attracted to it if you've put a lot of hard work into it, instead of sifting through a lot of half-hearted posts that you've churned out. So the schedule is going. I'll still be keeping to it myself, but I'll be a little more relaxed if I don't put out a post on a certain day. There are more important things in life to get stressed out over after all. 


I've really noticed a change in social media promotion. Before, it was annoying and quite unheard of to see someone promoting themselves a few times a day. Now, it is essential. With how instant and quick the social world is, you have to reach out a good amount of times to catch potential readers eye. And this isn't just with new posts- now you have to keep your old content working hard for you to keep those readers. Expect a whole load more tweets coming at ya, and I've rediscovered my love to Instagram and Snapchat too (my username is georgie-mb).


I have met many lovely people in my three years of blogging, and yet how many times have I collaborated with any of them? Not much. It makes perfect sense, creating fab content with people I love in such a supportive community, but I guess I've never had the guts to ask. Rather silly really. This is something that I've already been putting into practise recently and will definitely doing a lot more. If any of you do want to collab with me on anything, do drop me a comment or tweet and let me know! Be it outfit photos, challenges, post swaps or youtube collabs, let's do this!


Back in 2013 when I started blogging, people could just put up a standard OOTD post and get a ton of hits. Nowadays, you need more than a new bag that you love to keep people engaged. Readers now want to read posts that will actually benefit them. Cue the rise of the 'how to' and 'top tips' that took the blogging world by storm and had us all hooked! They say you should blog about the things you enjoy reading, and that's what I need to do. But I can't just copy the content that's already out there. I need something different to stand out from the crowd. I never thought my acting would cross over into my blogging as much as it has, but when I saw that my most watched Youtube videos were videos on acting, I was quite shocked. I never knew there were so many people that were interested in my dilemma of whether to go to drama school or not. But this was something I couldn't ignore, and so I've upped the amount of acting content I'm doing, as well as keeping the fashion and beauty ones that I enjoy so much. 


Lastly, through listening to blogging podcasts and reading interviews with established bloggers, I've discovered the power of a community around your blog. The type of people that enjoy your content, and talk about it with you and others. Look at the likes of the Gleam influencers- they have a supportive and loyal following like no other! And even if you don't want celeb blogger status, you can still take note from what they've built up. I already have a crossover of people who know me in the acting industry- be it people I've worked with or those who have watched and enjoyed my work. But I want to grow and expand that community, getting people discussing things together as well as talking to me. I love and appreciate every comment, tweet and message from people about my blogging or acting work, so I'll be planning lots of content like discussion topics and even Q&A's that will get people talking, and bring back the discussion topic videos that I have done in the past.

How I'm Changing My Blogging Mojo

How I'm Changing My Blogging Mojo

How I'm Changing My Blogging Mojo

How I'm Changing My Blogging Mojo

How I'm Changing My Blogging Mojo
Photos c/o Josh

*Hat - Minimum*
Choker - Boohoo
Top - H&M
Jeans - H&M
*Sandals - Next*
*Bag - Gerry Weber*
*Watch - Daniel Wellington*

So there you have it: how I'm changing my blogging mojo. I've been thinking about this for a while, and after seeing that others were adapting to these new blogging trends, I had to follow suit. If you're a blogger, have you noticed any of the things I've mentioned? Maybe you've changed your blogging habits, or seen a swell or fall in your numbers and what people want? Also if you have any suggestions of posts or videos that you want to see, let me know! I love hearing your requests!




  1. I've recently started scheduling tweets. When I first started blogging it was pretty unheard of to tweet about your posts more than once a day, but I've noticed so many bloggers starting to do this now! I've found an increase in my pageviews since starting, but haven't lost any followers which I was quite shocked at!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. Totally agree! I think it's almost essential now to schedule. That's fantastic news!

  2. I love this really simple, cute look & those sandals are peachy! I have to agree 6 years down the line the world of blogging has completely changed. It's great you have your own plan, I can't keep to a schedule either, it works for me!
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

    1. Thanks so much! Hope it works for me :) ah there's hope for me yet!