30 June 2016

5 Essentials For A Beach Holiday

5 Essentials for a Beach Holiday

It’s holiday time!

Seeing as the UK doesn’t understand that summer equals the sun, I’ve been dreaming of beach holidays lately. I’m actually jetting off in August- not sure where to yet, but the one thing we know is that it has to be near a beach! Whenever I know I’m going off on holiday soon, I like to stock up on some summery bits and pieces to get me in the mood. So whether you’re heading to Bali or Brighton this summer, here are my top 5 essentials for a beach holiday. 

5 Essentials for a Beach Holiday

-Straw Hat-

This is one of the items I wish I had got into sooner. When I was younger, wearing a hat on holiday was seen as very uncool, all while my scalp was burning and sizzling away. And when I did end up taking one abroad, I always found the trilby one I had was too bulky to pack, so I ended up carrying it with me on the flight and then never actually wearing it during the holiday. Oh dear Georgie. 

I’ve teamed up with Kaleidoscope on their #KalOnTheBeach campaign and they sent me a couple of pieces ready for my holiday later this year. I’ve been on the hunt for a new summer straw hat, especially the floppy styles to shield your face from the sun…I’m known for my nose and cheeks to go bright red in the first glimpse of sunlight! The blue and white stripes on this one keep it French Riveria cool, while keeping you cool at the same time. As it’s so floppy, this will be easy to pack without losing the shape of it completely! I suggest stuffing items like underwear in the part where your head would go to save on space. 

5 Essentials for a Beach Holiday

5 Essentials for a Beach Holiday


Knowing how the weather can be unpredictable, even abroad, it’s always good to pack one or two light layers that you can throw on if there’s a little sea breeze in the air in the evening.  Be it a flowy top over your bikini, or a pair of light trousers to cover your legs up like these botanical floral print ones from Kaleidoscope. They are super comfy and lightweight, meaning you could also wear them as part of your travel outfit- keeping you warm while at home, but not letting you melt into a little puddle when you step off the plane. I adore the print on these jeans- they're a nice change from the usual big print floral trousers we've seen in previous years. 

5 Essentials for a Beach Holiday

-Sensible Sandals-

Before you cringe, I'm not talking the whole socks and sandals vibe. Luckily for us comfy footwear lovers, chunky sandals have become cool again thanks to the catwalks. Think big straps and thick soles. This pair kindly sent to me from Teva are the perfect shoes to go exploring in on holiday, and how cool that I have my initials on them?! I love a good personalised item :) These will support your feet on the go, and they have a whole load of colours and styles, including some awesome flatform ones...hello festival shoes!

5 Essentials for a Beach Holiday

-Long-Lasting Nail Polish-

Nobody likes it when they are on holiday and their manicure or pedicure starts chipping. But we also know the hassle of booking a nail appointment in, especially if it's a last minute trip, and how much gels and acrylics damage our natural nails. These new nail paints from Barry M cut out the salons and UV lights and use natural daylight to cure the polish to create long-lasting hi gloss nails that can be removed easily with normal nail polish remover. You have to buy the Sunset Topcoat for the polishes to work properly, but when you know you're going to be getting longer wear out of your nail polish, it definitely covers the cost per wear. They come in some fantastic summery colours, and who can resist rose gold packaging eh?

5 Essentials for a Beach Holiday

-Travel Notebook-

Whenever I've been on holiday, I've always kept a travel diary. I would write down a summary of what we'd done, where we'd been, and any funny anecdotes from the day. My wanderlust has really grown over the past year or so, and when it came to planning my next trip, I found myself planning everything in this little notebook. As well as it being so darn cute, the practicalities of having everything in one place is obvious! From booking flights to things to do and see (and of course, keeping a travel diary) having a little notebook with you is so important if you're an organisation freak like me ;) plus it will be fun to look back at previous trips and reminisce...

Sass & Belle have also kindly given me a discount code for you lovely lot! You can use the code georgie at the checkout to save £10 online when they spend over £40!

*Kaleidoscope Stripe Floppy Hat*
*Kaleidoscope Embroidered Long Sleeve Blouse*
*Kaleidoscope Botanical Print Jeans*
*Teva Original Universal Black Sandals*
*Barry M Sunset Nail Paints*
*Sass & Belle Vintage Map Notebook*

Hope this has helped some of you who are packing for a beach holiday and a big thank you for the brands who sent me these items to feature! Annoyingly one of the tassels from the beautiful top from Kaleidoscope came off in the wash (if you buy it do wash it in a net bag or hand wash it) but it's now in the sewing pile to be fixed. What are you essentials for a beach holiday?




  1. I like the outfit and the Berry M. products. I am so sad, that they are not easy available in germany.

    Best regards,

    1. That's such a shame! Think you may be able to buy some of the products in this post here: http://georgieminterbrown.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/how-im-changing-my-blogging-mojo.html

  2. These really are summer essentials! I have a white straw hat that I love, can't wait to go to the seaside and wear it! Also love the floral trousers. :)
    Would you like to follow each other? I'm following you from now. :D


    1. Thank you!! Sure, I'll check out your blog now :)