11 March 2016

Acting Update: Drama School and Jobs

Acting Update: Drama School and Jobs

Damn Georgie, back at it again with the videos (sorry, had to be done)!

I know I always start the year by saying that I'm going to keep on schedule. Well, I'm trying…I can never predict how busy I'm going to be, so when it comes to finding time to film videos, it's pretty much non existent! While I've been away from Youtube, I've had a lot of questions on my Drama School video about what I decided to do and what I'm doing now. So here's a video answering those questions!

Thanks for all those who have stuck with my Youtube, and as promised after this I pre-filmed a whole load of videos! No more excuses. Let me know what your views on drama school are and whether I should do an acting Q&A at some point to answer more questions! 


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