4 December 2014

NEW VIDEO: Show Makeup Tutorial

I'm really glad I managed to film this before I got ill because this is my first makeup tutorial (eeekk!!)!!! This is the Black Swan inspired makeup I did for a show I was in about a month back (you can see the vlog from the dress and tech run here). You may not be able to get some of the products used as they are old trusty favourites that I rely on for show makeup but I will list them below anyway just in case. Also apologies for the lighting changes and the fact my lips are a weird shade of pink; I wore lipstick out beforehand and forgot to take it off :P However if you want to see me make a fool out of myself to make up for it skip to 17:25 for lols. 

Let me know whether you prefer chatty or voiceover tutorials in the comments below! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!


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