30 September 2014

Bloggers Festival

So I'm slowly working through the events that I attended leading up to LFW, only a couple more to go before I can show you my adventures at fashion week! This event was Bloggers Festival, run by the lovely Scarlett! The event was held at the Paramount in Tottenham Court Road which, when you enter, looks like a block of offices, but when you exit the lift you find yourself in a rather classy space! Brands were dotted round the room with the all important bar in the centre, and Scarlett gave us a warm welcome with strawberry flavoured champagne which went down very well! 

There were a great selection of brands there, from fashion to beauty, big to small, well known to new start-ups. We were really spoilt for choice! 

Very were there showing off their end of summer collection and their new autumn/winter collection that will be released in the next month or so. I kept gravitating back to their rail as I completely fell in love with their new collection! I particularly loved the white beaded kimono above- the perfect cover up for party season!

You really couldn't miss the Lee Stafford stall with their signature pink packaging! I was kindly given one of the round radial brushes to try out that I can't wait to try out! 

Oriflame had a stall and a display of their products as well as professional makeup artist giving makeovers for us lucky lot! I really look forward to getting to know this brand a bit more as, lets just say, I liked what I saw, especially the makeup brushes!

Oh hello me taking a sneaky picture ;)

Although it was slightly overcast outside the London skyline once again was a beautiful backdrop for the event!

Quiz were also there with some gorgeous dresses...one of which you may recognise! I featured the black sequin one in a wishlist in August! I took the opportunity to have a look at it IRL, get some close-up shots and soak up all its beauty while it hung on the wall in front of me (wow I get way too passionate about clothes!!)!

But look how pretty it is!!!!!

Bee Good was a brand I hadn't heard of before but really like the sound of! It is run by experienced beekeepers and they use honey and beeswax to make their products. It was fascinating to learn how they also use the bark and resin collected by honeybees from tree sap and botanicals, as they are rich in vitamins and are really beneficial for your skin! They are also helping the protection of bees by donating a percentage of their profits to organisations such as the British Beekeeping Association. I adore bees and from a young age was encouraged to respect one if saw one a) so I wouldn't get stung and b) because some bees are in decline and my parents being the gardeners they are wanted to help protect them. 

It was so cool to see Urban Outfitters there too, and I've already started to make a wishlist of things I want (always dangerous)! I especially love the eye and holographic purses as they are such great statement pieces for a night out!

Want her Dress had some gorgeous things on display too, including this lovely fur gilet that I completely fell in love with! It was so soft and a great layer for the coming cooler months. It also had a brown pleather belt so you could turn it into a sleeveless coat!

Of course I had to try it on...
Scarlett did a great job putting on an incredible and extremely well organised event! It was great see some old familiar faces and meeting some new ones- events like this are so great for meeting new people! I thoroughly look forward to the next Bloggers Festival!

What do you think about the brands that were there? Discovered any new ones that you like?



  1. The blogger festival looked like so much fun!!! Those cupcakes...yuuuum! Hope you had a wonderful time

    Strawberry Shortcakes | Style Blog

    1. I did thanks!! They were very yummy (and messy)

  2. Looks like you had a great time, shame I couldn't make it :( That fur gilet looks so incredibly chic on you!!! x

    1. I did thanks! Yes we missed you :'( thank you, so tempted to get it! x

  3. It was lovely to see you there! I had fun but barely took any photos :(

    Katie <3

    1. And you hun! Oh no :( feel free to steal any of mine if you like and credit :) <3