20 September 2014

Alexi Accessories necklace


Alexi Accessories Hollow Circle Rose Gold Necklace

My taste in jewelry can vary from simple minimalist pieces to crazy loud statement pieces. I feel like they can really change the mood of an outfit, and top it off. I've been loving the simple bars and shapes that have been coming out recently, so when Alexi Accessories (who are local to me) contacted me to review one of their new products I was delighted, especially with the opportunity to support a local business!

I decided to choose the Hollow Circle necklace in rose gold, as I loved the simple delicate shape with the little added luxe with the set jewels. It's from their Signature collection that is dedicated to delicate timeless pieces. 

The simplicity of it makes it almost Tumblr worthy and it goes with everything! From buttoned up and down shirts, jersey t-shirts and evening dresses, it's just as great layered up with other necklaces as it is on its own! I've also really been getting into rose gold jewelry and this 24 carat plaiting will really last- it's an investment piece so no more annoying scratches and scrapes if it goes through some wear and tear! And I've been wearing it a lot; when I've been rushing out the door and haven't had time to put on jewelry, I go straight to this as my fail safe!

I've already been eyeing up a few other pieces from Alexi, especially the bar necklaces, so my obsession with Alexi won't be subsiding any time soon ;) 

What's your go-to pieces of jewelry?


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