17 July 2014

OOTD: Flowers and Lemons

I’ve done something I’ve never done before… I’m wearing all new things. At the same time. Bought AT THE SAME TIME! Excluding the shoes and bracelet (kinda), the rest of this outfit is brand sparkling new. *insert shocked face here*

Now you may be wondering why this is such a biggie to me. Well, normally (you may be able to tell this if you look back at previous OOTD posts) I mix what I wear up quite a bit; a bit of old, a bit of new, a bit of high end, a bit of vintage. I do love it though when things bought so close together work so well in an outfit, like this one!

This was a proper ‘blogger made me do it’ moment; I originally saw the crop top on my lovely blogger friend Kristiana Vasarina (you can see her post on it here, featuring me in a couple of the photos) and she looked absolutely stunning! She originally wore it with a porcelain print midi skirt (you can find it in my birthday wishlist here). I loved the ensemble, but wanted to give myself the challenge of styling the crop top my own way. Just for fun!

And this is the result! I used my discount from Grabble to get the top and skirt, which compliment each other beautifully! The skirt works really well sitting on the waist so that a little bit of tummy flashes ;) I adore the digital print of the skirt too!

The top is a teeny weeny bit big for me around the armpits, which does mean that I have to pull it down every so often so that the sides don’t stick out. I think if you go down a size then you’ll get the tight bandage wrap look that was originally intended, but I don’t mind too much! It’s just proving that I’ve lost weight. And I definitely like the sound of that!!!!

The lemon clutch is the third new thing in this outfit! I originally saw a similar one at the Accessorize/Monsoon press day I went to last year and had been trying to find it when I saw this one from New Look (via ASOS) and thought I’d get it! I love the cartoon style of it- just like its jumped right of the page! It’s been my go-to clutch since getting it, as it’s super spacious and so much fun!

The bracelet was actually made for me by two little girls that I teach. They made it themselves! How adorable! The little Buddha is just so cute!

V Neck Crop top- Boohoo
Floral Skirt- Boohoo
Clutch- New Look
*Bracelet- Gift*
Shoes- New Look
What's your fave piece from my new buys?



  1. Love that skirt, its so pretty! Haha that clutch is so cute too x

  2. That top is so cute! And I love the colours in the skirt! You look so pretty!
    Alice x

  3. This has got to be the 'it' bag of the Summer! I've seen it everywhere and it's making me want to buy it too! It is so cute, and cheerful. This is a lovely outfit, Georgie! You pretty lady, you! xxx

    1. Agreed! I'm tempted to get the watermelon one too because I can't get enough of this one! It's tempting isn't it! It just cheers me up instantly (who knew a bag could do that to you) . Awww thank you so much! xxx

  4. I love your bag. It's perfect for summer. You look great in that crop top. I fear my crop top days are well over! Lol! I never buy a whole outfit either and try to mix and match new purchases with things I already have buy buying a whole outfit sounds very appealing. X

    1. Thank you hunny! Aww no don't be silly! Work it with a high-waisted skirt so only a strip of skin shows :) Ah glad I'm not the only one! x