19 June 2014

Birthday wishlist!

Birthday wishlist!

So my birthday is coming up…and for once, I’m not that excited about it! Mainly because I’ll be 19. And that scares me. It scares me because a) I’ll only have one year left as a teenager and b) I really enjoy being 18! There’s just a sense of freedom being a teenager, and it means I have to grow up soon. And, as an avid fan of Peter Pan, I don’t want to grow up! But there’s no putting it off, I can’t stop time so I’m biting the bullet and am going to embrace it! So here’s what I’ve been lusting over this month!

I actually first saw this on the lovely blogger Kristiana Vasarina when we went to the Boohoo Style for Stroke event (post up on here about it soon). I’ve already bought the top she wore (stalkerish much!) but the top and skirt work perfectly together that I’ve now got my eye on the skirt! The cute ‘china cup’ print, the pleats and the high-waisted ball gown skirt shape work in perfect harmony for a perfect evening skirt!

Heeled sandals are hot this season, and after getting my hands on some heeled jelly shoes from River Island recently, I’m head over heels (pardon the pun) in love with them! They are perfect for running around in all day, while the height gives you a little lift for evening. I’ve seen a lot of black and white ones out there, but these are so eye-catching they are great for festivals! I’ll definitely be investing in either a black or white pair at some point, but these are just too fun to resist!

There are some amazing cami’s out there, and so many different styles to choose from! This crochet hem is super adorable for holidays and days out, its such a great way to update denim! I’m slowly building up my cami collection and this is a great day item to add to it!

I’m braving the mirror lens with these beauties in my favourite colour- blue! I love the shape; they are similar to my normal glasses so having them in sunglasses form is great! Also the matte lenses aren’t as garish as the full on mirrored lenses.

Yes, I did hit the Zara sale. Yes, I did fall in love with a LOT of pieces. Yes, I did bookmark a lot of pieces to drool over later. And yes, I fell for this dress! I have a lot of dresses of this flit and flare shape as they are super flattering and the chocolate brown colour won’t be as heavy as the standard black, making it super wearable for this season as well as for winter.

I’m having a bit of a love affair with lilac at the moment! Great for enhancing your tan (well the tan I’ll hopefully get anyway!), this is such a cute pastel shade that’ll look just as good on its own as well as with nail art. I do have a dull lilac Ciaté polish, but this brighter shade is a great transitional shade from spring to summer!

So I love Tanya Burr. A lot. She is probably one of the cutest, most adorably likeable people in the world. You just can’t not like her! Her makeup tutorials are amazing and super easy to follow, so when I heard she was launching her own lip glosses and nail polishes, I was so excited! I know I’m a little late expressing my love for these, but I’ve been trying to give my bank balance a rest because, knowing me, I wouldn’t have been able to choose which colour to have and so would have bought all of them. And, as you can see from the title of this bullet point thingy, I still haven’t decided!

‘A girl can never have too many makeup brushes.’ A quote from a lovely makeup artist I had the pleasure of working with on set once. Since then, I have decided to follow this quote and build up my collection. I always manage to use every single one of my brushes, and if I don’t have time to clean them + I have to use dirty brushes= very unhygienic. I have heard amazing things about this blush brush with its tapered end and narrow brush. It means that I can alternate between my big Ecotools blush brush and this one for different looks. Plus Real Techniques brushes are multi-tasking little beauties- I have a feeling you can use it for contouring but I may have heard that wrong.

The multi-tasking wonder product taking the beauty world by storm had to be on my list! Using extra virgin Coconut, Olive, Jojoba and Hemp Oils, this soap can be used for washing makeup brushes, as a cleanser, hand washing and even toothpaste to name but a few! And at just over £5, you definitely get a lot for your money!

I love a good Illamasqua product, and their eyeshadows are amazing! They are highly pigmented, but I have fallen for the more neutral shade of ‘Slink’. I’ve seen this soft champagne colour used as a highlighter as well as a shadow, and it'll will look great blended with other colours. The shimmer finish will look just as good during the day as well as at night, as I use neutral shadows as a base for liner! And you’ve got to love the packaging!

Did any of the items in my wishlist catch your eye?



  1. Wow great collection,love the. Boohoo Kadie Porcelain Print Box Pleat Midi Skirt!

  2. Think about poor me..last year of my 20s ;) Hope you have a lovely birthday and that midi skirt is divine x

    1. Aaah no! Stay mentally young, that's what I'm planning on! ;) Thank you so much! x

  3. Love the floral design on the midi skirt! Chanel nail polishes are amazing, I only have two but I wear them all the time because they stay on so well. I love the pink colour you have picked out! x

    1. It's adorable isn't it! I know I really want some! It's just such a summery colour! x